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  • 07 Jul 2020

Hutchison Miller introduces destructible acetate film

Hutchison Miller introduces destructible acetate film

Hutchison Miller Sales has launched Loki, a destructible acetate film, environmentally friendly bio-based material manufactured by Clarifoil from sustainably sourced wood pulp designed for tamper evident and authenticity labels.

Loki facestock, when combined with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, fragments into tiny pieces with any attempt to remove once attached to a surface. This provides obvious evidence of tampering and an undamaged label assures consumers of packaging integrity and product authenticity.

The high tensile strength of Loki relative to its tear strength enables easy processing while retaining destructibility performance. The stiff polymer is formulated to suit automatic application of labels. Loki labels conform around shapes and corners making it an ideal option for tamper evident seals for securing carton and bottle closures.

Loki supports several security and anti-counterfeiting directives including the US Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 and ISO12931:2012 (Performance Criteria for Authentication Solutions Used to Combat Counterfeiting of Material Goods).

The new material is an environmentally friendly bio-based film manufactured from sustainably sourced wood pulp.


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