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  • 22 Apr 2014

ITE launches LF350

ITE launches LF350

Impression Technology Europe (ITE) has launched the LF350 to follow in the footsteps of the Eclipse LF3.

ITE said the Eclipse LF3 has been a worldwide success, and led its research and development team to develop the larger, floor standing LF330, which could handle media widths up to 330mm, compared to 220mm on the LF3.

Roy Burton, ITE managing director, said: ‘We realized that the short-run market was not being well served and hence the LF3, but we also saw that there was a need for larger machines that could still suit this market. The LF330 was the first of the larger machines to be developed but we quickly wanted to increase the flexibility and profitability of this machine and so we are proud to launch the LF350.’

The LF350 is capable of handling web widths between 100mm and 350mm, and also features a paper out sensor, built-in cutting light and can ability handle a maximum label length of 800mm.

As with the LF330, slitting is handled by, up to, five separate knives and the independent twin cutting heads can produce, up to, 10.2m of finished labels per minute. The twin cutting heads are complimented by double reversible rewinds. Where lamination is concerned the LF350 handles self or supported types and also has full waste matrix removal.

Although originally aimed at handling short label runs, the LF350 can handle medium sized runs, with Burton adding: ‘We applied the same principals to developing the LF350 as we did the LF3. Firstly the machine had to suit the market it was aimed at but, as long as we did not compromise this, we didn’t see any harm in making it more flexible and adaptable across other markets. We also applied the same high standard of design and build that made the LF3 so reliable and successful. It is a machine and a range that we are immensely proud of. To identify a gap in the market and then fill it with a quality product is every developers dream.’