Kernow Coatings offers durable label material

In partnership with Baker Materials, synthetic material approved for OKI printers

Kernow Coatings offers durable label material

Kernow Coatings offers durable label material

Kernow Coatings, a producer of specialty print media, and OKI, a digital printing provider, and Baker Materials, a provider of high-quality conversion, have a partnered to offer synthetic durable label media for OKI printers.

The partnership brings together the expertise and technology of three industry leaders to offer customers a product for printing high-quality, long-lasting labels. The synthetic label media is designed to work with OKI's printers to produce high-resolution graphics and text that are resistant to fading, water, and other environmental factors.

‘We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with OKI printers and Baker Materials. This partnership brings together three industry leaders to offer customers a one-stop solution for their durable label printing needs. With Kernow Coatings' high-quality synthetic media, OKI's advanced printing technology, and Baker Materials' expertise in label conversion, customers can expect exceptional products every step of the way,’ said Paul Dimery, sales director at Kernow Coatings. ‘This partnership will allow us to provide customers with a seamless, integrated solution that will help them to achieve their label printing goals, while also saving them time and resources. We look forward to working together to bring new and innovative products to the market and delivering the highest level of service and support to our customers.’

‘As a part of OKI’s continued expansion providing solutions for printing labels in house, we are seeing an increased demand for specialist media requirements, particularly in the area of durability,’ said Rob Brown, EMEA head of business development, at Kernow Coatings. ‘As such it is important that we can help customers understand how to source and create durable labels, which might need to withstand a range of conditions such as chemicals, water, abrasion etc.’ 

The range of synthetic durable media from Kernow Coatings provides outstanding results on OKI printing machines to suit these high quality application requirements that customers demand, ranging from beauty and cosmetics, through plant tags to beer bottles and a whole host more, giving businesses the ability to print a huge range of labels in-house and on-demand. 

Recognising how important it is to source media in a ‘ready to print’ format, quickly and easily, Baker Materials are now holding stock of the Kernow materials approved to run on the OKI Pro10 series. Baker Materials are able to offer conversion into a wide range of finished stocks ready to run on the OKI Pro10xx roll-to-roll label printer.’