Lintec launches easy-to-apply bubble-free labelstocks

Lintec Europe has introduced a range of easy-to-apply labelstocks featuring a ‘micro-canyon structure’ that prevents the formation of air bubbles beneath the label upon application.
Lintec's 'micro-canyon' structure prevents formation of air bubbles

The labelstock is claimed to be particularly effective for information labels on home appliances or electronic devices, as well as large labels in the graphics market that require a high level of air-release performance. A UL-recognized product, the labelstock is also resistant to blistering caused by outgassing emitted by certain plastic surfaces.

‘The two key advantages of this product is that it is easy to apply and outgassing resistant,’ explained Soichiro Fujinaga, technical manager of Lintec Europe. ‘The labelstock features an innovative air release adhesive mechanism, facilitated by a specially designed textured adhesive surface that incorporates miniscule air channels, hence the name “micro-canyon”. As the label is applied to the surface, the air escapes via the channels, avoiding the formation of bubbles and resulting in smooth adhesion.’

Soichiro said the labelstock is also particularly effective for overcoming the problem of blistering caused by outgassing: ‘Blisters have long been a source of dissatisfaction as they are difficult to remove and they affect the visual presentation of a label. The cause of this phenomenon lies in certain plastics, such as polycarbonates, which emit gasses over time and under the influence of rising temperatures, leading to the formation of blisters under the label. Our product is the ideal countermeasure against this issue and removes the possibility of label delamination.’

With a UL969 certification, the bubble-free labelstock range is compliant with the safety standards issued by Underwriters Laboratories. ‘It is quite common to have products comply with UL Standards, and many home appliances are UL-approved,’ concluded Soichiro. ‘Certification is a responsibility we take very seriously at Lintec and a UL969 label means that our customers can be confident they are investing in a reliable product.’