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  • 20 Jun 2019

Lintec launches oil tolerant labelstock

Lintec launches oil tolerant labelstock

Lintec has introduced oil-tolerant labelstock range that comprises three products: 0T8060 white polypropylene film, 0T5040 white polyester and OT5050 clear polyester film.

These labelstocks feature a strong oil-absorbing adhesive that allows labels to be easily applied to oily surfaces that would typically need to be cleaned before application. 

Soichiro Fujinaga, technical manager of Lintec Europe, said: ‘Within industries such as cosmetics, automobiles and food, it can be difficult for labels to adhere and remain intact on oily products. With the introduction of the oil-absorbing labelstock range, we hope to present a simple yet effective product to this common problem. The oil-absorbent qualities of the labelstock provide excellent adhesion to even the greasiest of surfaces that would usually interfere with adhesion.’  

Labelstocks, which adhere firmly to smooth and textured substrates, can be directly applied eliminating the need to degrease surfaces before application. This saves considerable production time and cleaning material costs, says the company. 

The range is ideal for steel, automobile components, industrial identification labels, and for general labeling of foods and cosmetics. The labelstocks can be printed with conventional ink or thermal transfer ribbon and will remain legible and firmly affixed under all conditions. 

‘The range demonstrates Lintec's ongoing commitment to innovation and ability to provide products that meet the growing demands of businesses across a range of industries. We hope that with this range, brand owners can remain assured and have peace of mind that the quality of their label will not be compromised,’ said Fujinaga.



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