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  • 07 Jul 2020

Mactac launches cannabis labeling range

Mactac launches cannabis labeling range

Mactac has launched a new range of pressure-sensitive papers and films developed especially for the needs of both consumer as well as medical cannabis segments.

The new cannabis labeling materials feature form and function, including adhesion to small mandrel containers and vials. They are also proven to withstand a range of environmental and other challenging conditions, such as moisture, heat, and humidity.

Available in paper and film constructions, Mactac’s cannabis labels are designed to meet labeling needs for all forms of cannabis – from solid and semi-solid to viscous and liquid. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including glass, pop-top and reversible cap vials, cartons, stock glasses, bags, and pouches.

Labels were developed to meet the stringent needs of the medical cannabis market, ensuring label readability with secure, long-lasting performance.

‘Today’s cannabis market is fast-growing and full of opportunity for dispensaries, growers, and processors,’ said Sara Damante, senior marketing manager at Mactac Performance Adhesives. ‘In fact, the global cannabis market size is expected to reach USD 73.6 billion by 2027, an unprecedented 18.1 percent CAGR. Mactac is poised to grow in tandem with the cannabis industry through our understanding of the market and packaging trends and needs.’


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