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  • 15 Sep 2016

MBO debuts Basic rotary die-cutting system

The Bograma BSR 550 Basic has a 'toolless' design

MBO America has presented the BSR 550 Basic rotary die-cutting system to the US market at Labelexpo Americas 2016, which has been designed to provide a streamlined and simplified option for the 20 x 29in cut sheet die-cutting market.

The BSR 550 Basic is an all-in-one rotary die-cutting system for producing tags, small format cartons and other printed products, which features easy access magnetic die cylinders for quick job changeover, ‘nickless’ production and in-line waste removal immediately after die-cutting.

The BSR 550 Basic is an off-line option, featuring an in-feed table and shingle delivery. It has a ‘toolless’ design, with adjustments to the in-feed and delivery made using integrated levers ‘Nickless’ production results from having no transfer sheet between the die-cutting process and waste removal, and eliminates the need for further refinement of the finishing downstream.

The Basic model is paired down version of the Bograma BSR 550 Servo, and has been developed owing to customer requests for a simplified and easy-to-use system that builds on the success of the established product, according to Lance Martin, director of sales director for North America at MBO America.

At Labelexpo Americas 2016, L&L was shown a demonstration of the capabilities of the BSR 550 Basic, including quick changeover and 'toolless' set-up, as the system was shown handling small cartons to  larger format promotional material. 


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