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  • 18 Feb 2010

MGX launches coatings for EFI Jetrion press

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) now offers both a matte and gloss substrate coating for the EFI Jetrion UV inkjet label press. MGX has tested these coatings on paper and film materials and the company reports successful results in both cases.  

The MGX glossy substrate coating is said to complement the glossy characteristics of the Jetrion’s ink. The matte substrate coating is useful for highlighting Jetrion’s glossy ink, making the printed ink stand out on the matte material. 

MGX has partnered with EFI Jetrion to coat materials for the Jetrion 4000 and 4830 industrial inkjet roll presses, coating substrates for the Jetrion as an EFI-certified treatment center. In addition, MGX has the capability to coat substrates for other UV inkjet press technologies.  

Currently Masterpiece Graphix offers an EFI-certified material for the Jetrion: 54# Semigloss/Rubber-Based/40# (R1338). As part of the EFI and MGX partnership, every new Jetrion press purchase ships with a free roll of this material.  

In addition to the EFI-certified material, MGX also offers two Jetrion-compatible substrates: 2.3 mil white BOPP and 57# Semigloss/Perm/40#. 

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