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  • 08 Jun 2021

Miraclon launches Kodak TIFF Assembler Plus 5.0 for flexo

Miraclon has launched the Kodak TIFF Assembler Plus (TAP) Flexo Edition Version 5.0 software

Miraclon has launched the Kodak TIFF Assembler Plus (TAP) Flexo Edition Version 5.0 software to enable Kodak Flexcel NX System users to simplify their operations and ensure continuous production.

TAP 5.0, available in 11 languages – including Chinese and Japanese, has specifically been designed to allow more configurations and robust usage, and supports the latest operating systems that includes Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, as well as macOS Big Sur (11.2) and macOS Catalina (10.15).  
Miraclon said that the new cutting table enhancements boost the quality, speed, and reliability of the process across a wide range of cutting tables, while its Invert Trim Waste feature, which automatically inverts the non-imaged areas of the plate, will reduce plate processing costs through fewer photopolymer wash outs, less chance of re-deposits, and lower solvent spend. 
The company also said that the TAP 5.0 also features improvements to customers’ connected support experience, enabling a more accurate scheduling of preventative maintenance and effective on-site and remote support or training. Meanwhile, back-ups of TAP 5.0 will now occur automatically in the background to minimize disruption if any problem arises.  
Joerg Kullwitz, commercial director for Miraclon’s Asia Pacific Region, commented: ‘Our R&D team with their rich heritage in innovation are continuously looking at ways that will enable customers to streamline their daily operations. Tap 5.0 will enhance the efficiency, reliability and ease of use of our Kodak Flexcel NX products to allow our customers to concentrate on the effective management and growth of their businesses.’ 
Tap 5.0 is available to current Flexcel Solutions customers to download, at no cost, immediately.


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