Mox well received by brand owners

Huge influx of inquiries as small businesses and growing brands discover ‘three-in-one’ solution

Mox, the new software that combines project management with digital proofing and DAM in one cloud-based solution, has been hailed a success by users just weeks after its release to market.  

Developed to help growing brands and small businesses increase their speed, simplify go-to-market processes and launch SKUs, Mox – launched on January 25 – delivers real-time project and task visibility, improves collaboration, and ensures teams produce right-first-time packaging and marketing content on time.  

‘The response to our launch last month has been better than we could have imagined,’ said Mox general manager, Adrian Fernandez. ‘We’ve already received some fantastic feedback from users, and the website has been inundated with visitors and enquiries from businesses wanting to understand how it works and how it can save them time and money.’  

Created by Esko, Mox is the new best-practice software tailored to the needs and budget of growing consumer brands, turbo-charging businesses in terms of increased productivity, reduced costs, and saved time in their packaging and content creation process.  

‘We’ve been working with a number of companies both in the run-up to and following the wide release, and as we’ve been collating feedback the dominant opinion has been “where have you been all my life?”,’ said Fernandez. ‘Whenever you launch a new product, you’re always hopeful the target user will immediately see the benefits it can deliver to their business. We’re all thrilled that Mox seems to have hit the bullseye.’  

Mox was specifically developed to help small-to-medium sized consumer brands (SMB) meet the challenges of today’s omnichannel market, work more efficiently, and bring quality products to market in a consistent, fast, and sustainable way.  

‘Some of the early feedback has been incredible,’ added Fernandez. ‘One cosmetics company director has called it life-changing, citing how everything is clearly accessible and how the visual design of the platform gives complete oversight of a project - as well as how easy it makes searching for and finding specific assets, approvals or workflows.  

‘Another retail outlet’s brand leader commented that not only was everything attractively and easily organized, but it made his job easier by allowing him to keep his boss looped in on approvals processes.  Similarly, a head of product content was amazed that Mox provided the capabilities of their various platforms, but all in the one solution.’  

Mox was developed as a collaborative, scalable solution for marketers, packaging and project managers, creatives, and all internal and external stakeholders who create and distribute product packaging content.  

‘It delivers real-time project and task visibility, improves collaboration, and helps accelerate speed to market,’ said Fernandez. ‘One VP of content and creative said they loved how Mox “speaks the language of different engines of the business”, and that’s a great way of looking at it. Mox enables users to find all the information in one place and at the same time – everything from specific color codes and requirements through to details of workflow and processes all at once.  

‘We are absolutely thrilled by the reception we’ve had since unveiling Mox, and we’re looking forward to working with so many new companies to help them connect teams, content, and consumers like never before.’ 

Mox delivers a host of benefits to businesses, including bringing internal and external contributors together with the right information to create and review before product launch. Get feedback in real-time, make revisions, and obtain approval before content distribution with automated notifications.  

Configure and build standardized templates to use consistently. Fully understand your content process, including when, how, and who approved it. View content for proofing with deep zoom, visual comparisons, ink type and density, and font usage for most popular file formats. Tag and organize content, leveraging metadata with 100 GB of storage per user. Manage who has access to projects and assets, including fast external sharing.