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  • 19 Jul 2017

Praxair launches Urmi app

Praxair described the app as more user-friendly than the current Urmi 2 system, whuch requires a manual acquisition of the printed image surface

Praxair Surface Technologies has developed the Urmi app, a 21st Century enhancement to its established anilox roll measurement method introduced in the 1970s.

To help determine the ink-carrying cell volume of anilox rolls, Praxair developed the first anilox measurement method ever produced, the Urmi system. Based on a footprint obtained by a specific quantity of special ink spread and metered over the anilox, this system relates the ink volume and the footprint area determining the unit measure of the anilox. The ink is metered by a pharmaceutical pipette, and then transferred over a paper sheet and the area of the footprint obtained measured by a polar planimeter.

The Urmi app allows volume measurement of ceramic anilox rolls through an application directly on a smartphone.

The Urmi app is able to measure the footprint area and calculate the volume, giving immediate and useful information that is easily sharable with the entire printing team through the common messaging services.

This, said Praxair, makes the app more user friendly that the current Urmi 2 systems that needs a manual acquisition of the printed image surface.

The Urmi app is launched at Labelexpo Europe 2017.

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