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  • 10 Jun 2008

Schober introduces tungsten carbide tooling

Schober USA now offers die cutting dies in tungsten carbide for long operational life.  Service life may be extended to 20 to 30 times that of traditional Super CR materials or up to 200 million cuts, says the company.

One feminine care products application saw an increase from 10 million cuts to 156 million cuts – more than a 15-fold increase. This drastically reduces machine downtime and improves production costs. Tungsten carbide dies from Schober USA are used to manufacture various products such as flexible packaging, folding cartons, high volume household and personal care products, technical parts, and more. 

Tungsten Carbide die designs are available in solid or segmented designs or with shells with a maximum length of 13.8” (350 mm) and a maximum diameter of 7.8” (200 mm).  The result of more than five decades of experience, these dies and modules are designed to absorb vibrations and keep all relevant parameters to minimum variation for predictable die/anvil life cycles.  These proven dies and modules can be re-sharpened as often as regular dies.