Tageos launches EOS-360 U9 RAIN RFID inlay

The company claims it is by far the smallest ARC Spec C2 Certified RAIN RFID inlay available on the market.

Tageos, one of the global leaders in sustainable, high-performance RFID inlays and tags, has launched EOS-360 U9, its new ARC Spec C2-certified inlay for retail and logistics applications based on a very slim antenna design with unique compactness.

According to Tageos, the smaller the inlay, the more versatile it is, and compactness means material savings during production, and since the new EOS-360 U9 is more than 45 percent smaller than the previous, comparable competitor product of its type, the material savings for the products are considerable. The reading performance of the EOS-360 U9 is outstanding, even when compared to larger inlays.

The new antenna design is the starting point for a new product family that will include other examples of the latest IC technologies.

The EOS-360 U9 inlay is the first member of a new family of products designed to meet the demand for ARC Spec C2 certified inlays. This specification was tailored to the needs of one of the leading US retailers and has quickly gained popularity throughout the retail industry in North America and worldwide.

The new RAIN RFID inlay is based on NXP's UCODE 9 RAIN RFID chip. Equipped with 96-bit EPC memory, the IC provides 96-bit EPC, permalock function for EPC and kill password, self-adaptive impedance and memory integrity safeguards.

The product is suitable for high-speed inventory counting, loss prevention with frictionless self-checkout, and embedded tagging with seamless product returns.

‘EOS-360 U9 underscores our technology leadership in RFID inlays and tags and its related antenna design and shows what it is all about: combining performance, high quality and sustainability for superiority in relevant applications. With the new UHF inlay, we are laying the foundation for a product family tailored to meet current and future needs of the retail industry,’ said Chris Reese, chief technology officer of Tageos.

EOS-360 U9 is available in dry, wet and paper-face formats.

Just a few weeks ago, in May 2024 opened doors to its new US headquarters in Fletcher, NC, marking the beginning of a fully expanded manufacturing presence in the United States.

With a current global annual capacity of 9 billion RFID inlays and tags, the company can already produce more than 2 billion units per year in the heart of the fast-growing American market. By the end of 2024, Tageos aims to expand its capacity by another 2 billion units to a total of more than 4 billion units per year.