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  • 25 Jun 2019

Teklynx launches new software range

Teklynx launches new software range

Teklynx International has launched an array of software designed to help manufacturers increase labeling efficiency, accuracy and automation.

Featuring a wide array of end user enhancements, the new product launch includes Label Matrix, Labelview, Codesoft, Sentinel and Label Archive. The integrated supply chain software supports labeling from design to print, simplifies labeling compliance and increases label print automation for manufacturers. 

Thierry Mauger, president ofTeklynx International, said: ‘Barcodes are critical throughout the supply chain as manufacturers look to meet demands for product safety, customer responsiveness and supply chain agility. The Teklynx 2019 software is designed to support the pivotal activities unfolding behind the barcode by helping manufacturers print labels faster, eliminate repetitive manual steps and prevent labeling errors.’

A recent Teklynx survey indicated that while 97 percent of barcode software end users want to print labels faster, 93 percent want to reduce labeling errors and 90 percent want to standardize labeling operations across employees.


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