Brook + Whittle patents recyclable light-blocking shrink sleeve

The new product is designed to be fully compatible with existing recycling processes.

Brook + Whittle has been awarded a US patent for GreenLabel BlockOut, a recyclable light-blocking shrink sleeve technology for PET packaging, which has already received worldwide interest from many large consumer packaged goods brands.

According to the company, the recently patented product has received worldwide interest from many large brands as they seek technologies helping to achieve their 2025 recyclability commitments.

The latest product by Brook + Whittle enables brands to shift from problematic plastics to clear PET packaging while protecting their products with a unique light-blocking coating. It is designed to be fully compatible with existing recycling processes, ensuring it does not contaminate the recycling stream.

‘At Brook + Whittle, we’re committed to providing packaging solutions that balance aesthetics, performance, cost, and sustainability,’ said Tyler Matusevich, director of sustainability at Brook + Whittle. ‘This solution does just that. After eight years of R&D, we have developed a patented solution that utilizes a crystallizable shrink sleeve, our GreenLabel de-inkable inks, and a functional barrier coating.

‘We successfully conducted multiple commercial-scale trials to ensure the correct sortation and recyclability of this light-blocking shrink sleeve. Alongside the recyclability benefits of this solution, we expect our customers will benefit from switching to clear PET and lower their extended producer responsibility (EPR) eco-modulation fees in the future.’

‘This recognition marks a significant milestone for Brook + Whittle and our customers,’ added Daryl Northcott, executive vice president of Brook + Whittle. ‘We are currently supplying commercial-scale orders and are working closely with multiple brands to ensure a smooth transition to this product.

‘Being first to market with this patented solution is a testament to our ongoing commitment to leading the way in sustainable packaging and driving the industry forward.’

The company taken another step in its digital transformation in January 2024, by installing a new HP Indigo V12 digital press, expanding the production capacity and acquired PouchIt, a flexible packaging manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia, to enhance its footprint in the Southeast.