Lintec Europe launches sustainable materials

Company wins Global Label Award for new labelstock material

Lintec Europe launches sustainable materials at Labelexp

Lintec Europe launches sustainable materials at Labelexp

Lintec Europe has launched a labelstock material to improve the recyclability of PET bottles and direct thermal paper as an alternative to synthetic paper products, at Labelexpo Europe 2023.

Lintec won the Global Label Award Innovation Award for companies with more than 300 employees for its new labelstock. The award was given on the first night of Labelexpo Europe. It was award for the development of a specific innovation by a supplier or converter company in 2022.

The Label Awards judging panel said: 'Lintec impressed the judges with its new polyester-based adhesive, which will greatly assist in the development of a circular materials economy by assisting in the clean separation of PET container waste.'

Lintec's MMP Mono Material Polyester (PET) is designed for application to polyester packaging such as single-use water bottles. The clear film features a strong yet removable adhesive. The film and adhesive are manufactured from polyester so if any labels are not removed before the washing and grinding process the risk of contamination is reduced. A special top coating also enables the labels to be de-inked in an alkaline washing process.

Lintec’s new direct thermal paper offers superior moisture and water immersion resistance, improved rub resistance and is microwave oven compatible. The material has successfully replaced plastic-based labelstocks in the food, beverage and logistics sectors.