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  • 30 Sep 2013

Nanovis to extend NWC capabilities

Christoph Schönenberger, Nanovis sales manager, promoting the Nanocleaner NWC-1200 at Labelexpo Europe 2013

Nanovis is to extend the capabilities of its Nanocleaner NWC family of flexo press part washers to include an anilox cleaning module.

The Nanocleaner NWC family, including the 600, 800 and 1200, is based on the same functional principles, such as compressed air and electricity supply, as well as featuring a recycling system for the cleaning agent. They are used for washing parts used in the flexographic printing process, with the latest version, the NWC-1200, demonstrated at Labelexpo Europe 2013.

The NWC-1200 has the largest effective dimensions, and as such is to be the first to be offered with the new anilox module. This will be a removable component of the NWC-1200, so allowing it to clean both aniloxes and other arts from the press simultaneously. This will be followed by a scaled down version for the NWC-800, although an anilox module the effective dimensions of the NWC-600 would turn it into an either/or solution, said Christoph Schönenberger, Nanovis sales manager.

The removable module will feature engineering to rotate the anilox during cleaning and a linear spraying system to effectively clean aniloxes, as well as air drying capabilities so the anilox can be taken straight from the NWC unit and placed on the press.  

‘The NWC was launched in 2010, and has been enhanced in the years since. It was during this process that customers asked us if the machine could also be developed to clean aniloxes, and we realized it had the potential to satisfy this demand.

‘The preliminary results have been very pleasing, and the module should be available in the early part of 2014.’