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  • 18 May 2017

Avery Dennison launches enhanced tamper evident labels

Avery Dennison launches enhanced tamper evident labels

Avery Dennison has launched an enhanced range of tamper evident labels in the South Asia, Pacific and Sub Saharan African regions.

Both transferable and non-transferable void materials now come with color options and allow customers to fully customize the text on these labels. The company also claims that when the label is tampered, the text indicating the tampering appears much faster compared to other similar products. Within this portfolio, there is a selection of RoHS compliant materials for customers who need to adhere to strict regulations.

The enhanced range will offer brand protection and product security in all stages of the product’s supply chain across multiple applications from consumer electronics and home appliances to automotive vehicles.

Mega Lam, senior segment manager, Durables, South Asia Pacific and Sub Saharan Africa, Avery Dennison, said: ‘Working closely with our customers, we have improved the performance and delivery of our tamper evident labels. Customers can now customize these labels to suit their brand and regulatory needs. Particularly for those in niche applications that require low quantities of high quality labels, they will welcome this enhanced range of tamper evident label solutions.’

The existing Avery Dennison tamper evident portfolio consists of transferable void materials that leave irreversible void messages on facestock when the label is detached, and non-transferable void materials that leave no residue when the label is detached.


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