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  • 10 Jul 2018

CGS introduces expanded gamut color management

CGS introduces expanded gamut color management

CGS has added expanded gamut color management to Oris Press Matcher Web.

With a set of expanded gamut profiling tools, end users will increase efficiency while achieving accurate spot cplor reproduction. This creates an opportunity for digital press technology using expanded gamut ink sets in the packaging market.

Oris Press Matcher Web is CGS’s award-winning color management product for automated cross-fleet color accuracy and repeatability. Its patented technology is completely automated, using intelligent workflow tools to color manage digital presses so users can achieve consistent color reproduction across all forms of printing technologies. Key features include color stabilization technology for perfect grey balance, smooth gradients and color certification to match industry standards such as GRACoL, ISO and FOGRA.

With the added feature of expanded color gamut management, CGS offers a complete suite of profiling tools designed specifically with the packaging market in mind. Oris Press Matcher Web creates expanded gamut profiles optimized for rendering RGB and CMYK plus four separations to make full use of a press’s entire gamut, achieving high quality, vivid and saturated colors, while maintaining accurate spot color recreation.

Cory Sawatzki, director of digital print technology at CGS said: ‘Multichannel spot color optimization is a great new feature. Now, users can convert multiple spot colors in a print file, into their own custom characterized expanded gamut space. This gives our customers the opportunity to leverage their full gamut to best reproduce spot colors in up to an eight-channel output environment.’


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