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  • 26 Feb 2018

Sun Chemical launches SunCure Accuflex UV

Sun Chemical has launched SunCure Accuflex UV, a UV ink system for primary and secondary food packaging that is not manufactured with Bisphenol A (BPA)-based materials and meets low migration specifications.

Designed for both folding carton and flexible film packaging applications where high press performance, color vibrancy and regulatory compliance are critical, SunCure AccuFlex UV flexo inks are said to offer good adhesion to a variety of film substrates, provide great flexo viscosity stability under high shear conditions, and exhibit excellent UV cure response. Available in North America, SunCure AccuFlex UV inks can be used for a variety of paper packaging applications and feature low post-odor properties that are essential to many brand owners.

Compliant with the strictest global standards in the marketplace, including Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements, SunCure Accuflex UV flexo inks are claimed to meet the latest photoinitiator safe packaging guidelines, and provide low odor and very low residual extractables characteristics, while maintaining the highest standards of pressroom performance, according to Sun Chemical.

The supplier added that the new ink system specifically addresses concerns that brand owners face due to strict labeling laws, such as California’s Proposition 65 which require businesses to provide warnings on their packaging for products that could expose consumers to BPA. BPA and certain photoinitiators are chemicals that have been identified as carcinogens and reprotoxins.