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  • 20 May 2019

Tecnocut develops precision die-cut adjustment system

Tecnocut develops precision die-cut adjustment system

Tecnocut has developed E-Diffsystem, an electronic mechanism to allow precision adjustments during the die-cutting process.

The E-Diffsystem is designed to control the movement of the anvil roll through an intelligent touchscreen. E-Diffsystem allows an electronic variable adjustment with a precision within +/-0.001mm between the anvil roll and the magnetic cylinder. It makes each increase or decrease in cuts micron by micron. By pressing the rising arrows, the anvil cylinder’s body rises and the cut becomes deeper. Also, the body will go down and consequently the cut will become less deep whenever the descending arrows are pressed.

Used as a substitute to the anvil cylinder in the die-cutting station, this product allows the same cutter to run on backing materials with different thicknesses (glassine, kraft or synthetic).

The gap is adjusted up and down in order to accommodate a wide range of material widths without changing the cutter.

Tecnocut noted installation as 'very easy and fast' as no modifications to any existing part of the die-cutting station are required. This is also key when it comes to repairs or changes, the company added, as it assures a quick change without losing working time.

A job memory function and auto calibration allow repeat job data to be quickly recalled and fast set-up of the system. Lubrication alarms notify the operator when lubrication is needed. 

The system is patent pending.


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