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  • 28 Mar 2014

Taghleef makes five-layer film capacity investment

Taghleef makes five-layer film capacity investment

BOPP manufacturer Taghleef Industries has made a major investment in its Hungarian manufacturing plant that will boost its five-layer film capacity in Europe.

The investments include the upgrade of a 8.2 tonne BOPP line to five-layers, and an increase to its current five-layer film capacity to a total of 60,000 tonnes each year. The line will be equipped with technologies to produce a 'superior quality of film' the company said and for energy saving purposes. Energy savings are predicted to be in the range of 25 percent.

The start-up of the upgraded line is scheduled on June 1.

With this new capacity, Taghleef Industries said it will reinforce significantly its market position to serve the label and food packaging industries. The five-layer film will also be used for other specific non-food applications.

Valerio Garzitto, chief executive officer of Taghleef Industries Europe, said: ‘Our continuous investment in advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities further demonstrate Taghleef Industries’ commitment to support its growing European customer base and partners.’