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Flexible packaging: Paper and board, metallic foil, films and multi-layer constructions

Examining the variety of papers, films, metallic and metalized substrates required in flexible packaging
With flexible packaging materials being used to wrap, or contain, so many different kinds of products - powders, liquids, gels, creams, solids, etc. - it is not surprising that such a wide variety of papers, films, metallic, metalized and other substrates, as well as surface treatments and multi-layer and barrier constructions are required.

Depending on the particular products that require packaging, the materials used may require protection from the product inside the packs, such as moisture, oils or greases, chemicals, detergents, etc., or to protect the product from external influences, such as atmospheric impurities, light, UV rays, gas, oxygen, moisture again, puncturing or tearing. A product's formulation can undoubtedly be impacted adversely if any of these elements are able to migrate into or out of the package.

Michael Fairley

  • Strategic consultant