UFlex launches new products in Q4 of FY24

The manufacturer launches new products for labels and flexible packaging.

UFlex has launched several new products in the March 31, 2024 quarter.  

The packaging films business has launched ‘B-UUB-M' Outstanding Barrier Metallized BOPP Film tailored for packaging dry fruits, beverages, chips, snacks, biscuits, cookies, and other confectionery and chocolate items. With oxygen transmission rate (<0.1cc/m2/day) and moisture barrier (<0.05 gm/m2/day), it ensures prolonged freshness and quality retention. It also offers barrier to seal the aroma and migration. Furthermore, its metal adhesion, chlorine-free PVDC coated film, and replacement of aluminum foil make it a versatile and environmentally friendly choice. It can be processed at high speeds.

Chemicals business has introduced Flexseal WBHS 36 water-based dispersion. This eco-friendly heat seal coating offers high quality adhesion and heat-sealing capabilities across a range of substrates, from paper to paper and aluminum foil to aluminum foil. Moreover, it showcases resistance to both oil and water. 

Another new product Flexcryl 6666 is a halogen-free, sustainable polyester acrylate boasting adhesion to metals, plastics, and paper, along with heat resistance, fast curing, and hardness. Tailored for topcoats and applications including flexography, dry offset, screen printing, and wet lithographic inks. Flexcryl 6666, serves as a vital raw material facilitating backward integration in UV and EB coatings and inks production that enhances control over quality, time, and costs with adhesion, lithographic properties, and rapid UV curing.  

Flexible packaging business introduced premium packaging for Deepak Gold Tea that includes holography features to prevent counterfeiting. The brand name is also embellished with gold lacquer instead of a gold paste. 

UFlex developed a stand-up spout pouch for Asal idly-dosa batter – a South Indian ready-to-eat snack. This 5kg pouch features a 17mm spout for easy pouring and resealing, catering to the needs of institutional customers such as caterers, canteens in hospitals/offices, and hotels. 

UFlex has developed a premium packaging structure for Jyothy Labs' brand, More Light liquid detergent, now available in a 5 liter spouted preformed pouch. This pouch is the largest of its kind for liquid packaging in India. The design of the new packaging for More Light's 5 liter pack ensures a leak-free seal with its specially engineered structure. The spout pouch's design facilitates multiple uses. Moreover, all corners of the pouches have been rounded to eliminate sharp edges, prioritizing safety and convenience.  

UFlex's holography business has launched tailored holographic security labels specifically engineered for pyrotechnics industry. These advanced labels, custom-designed for a prominent industry leader, incorporate overt security features, serving as visible identifiers.  

Printing cylinders business has introduced a new embossing line at its Noida facility and remains committed to manufacturing printing cylinders compatible with water-based inks.

The company has also won several awards and accreditations including ‘Most Preferred Workplaces in Manufacturing 2023-24’ by Team Marksmen, outstanding business association in the exports category by Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) and 10 awards at the SIES SOP Star Awards 2023 across its businesses for Packaging Innovation and Creativity. 

UFlex has also developed F-POX excellent oxygen and moisture barrier transparent BOPET film for frozen and dry food packaging applications, F-PSX High barrier AlOx polyester film for dried meat snacks, confectionaries, and microwavable packaging applications, F-AFR-M alu-alu replacement metallized polyester film for food packaging applications, Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer (Flexcryl 4444) developed for UV & EB curable coatings and printing inks used in flexible packaging applications. 

It has also introduced Flex Beam Matt Opaque white for shrink sleeve application labelling and decoration, 3D Flipogram label for the perfume industry, registered holography pack for coffee packaging, fully recyclable spout pouch using BOPP/PE films for Kissan Chotu pack. 

UFlex has been granted a trademark for FLEXZYME, certificate no. 3285704 (TM No.: 4478049).