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  • 01 Nov 2022

Labelexpo India 2022 technology preview

Labelexpo India 2022 is taking place from 10-13 November in Greater Noida

Returning after four years, Labelexpo India 2022 is taking place at India Expo Mart & Center, Greater Noida on 10-13 November.

The hotly anticipated four-day show will have more than 250 industry leading exhibitors and Label Manufacturers Association of India (LMAI) Awards night on 11 November 2022, the second day of the show, to recognize excellence in label printing.  
AICA ADTekAcademi a.Acme RolltechAKO Flexo, Apex International, Asahi PhotoproductsArrow DigitalBhatia GraphicaCartes, Daya, Dee Dee LabelDNPDowDuPont, Eltech, EskoGEWGulf Packaging IndustriesHolostik, HPIEECKiran consultantsKonica Minolta, Label TraxxLucky GraphicsMaxcessMiraclonMLJMonotechMulitecNewgen PrintronicsNippon ColorOmet, Packline MachinesPolyartPulisi, Rakesh Paper Company, RotometricsSandilyamShaharaji Associates, Shree Lamipack, Spilker GermanyStandard Printers Providers, UFlexUV Graphic TechnologiesVetaphoneVinsakVintexWebtech International Machineries  
Hot melt adhesive manufacturer AICA ADTek promotea AICA Melt label adhesive brand at its booth E35 in Hall 3.  
The company manufactures Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polyolefin (PO), Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefin (APAO), and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) hot melt adhesives. The AICA ADTek products are used in a variety of applications such as DIY glue sticks, packaging, book binding, air filters, mattresses, construction, automotive, woodworking and hygiene.    
The company shows AICA Melt hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive products made of thermoplastic rubber formulated for tape and label applications and do not completely set and remain permanently tacky. The adhesive formulations meet the final products’ requirements such as peel strength, heat resistance and cold resistance. AICA Melt can be made in several block, pillows or drums. 
Academi a.   
Established since 1991 under the name of. a designer, academi a. provides printing, packaging and converting technology.   
academi a. showcases a range of products for flexo from Harper Corporation, USA (anilox rollers, proofing systems and accessories/cleaners), Flexo Concepts, USA (polymer doctor blades), Etirama, Brazil (label printing press), CAMIS, Italy (plate mounting machines), Polymount, Netherlands (self-adhesive sleeves, film cleaning system), Keencut, UK (plate cutting solutions), Macdermid (raw photopolymer plates), Troika Systems, UK (QC devices - AniCAM HD and FlexoCAM [new]), Alphasonics, UK (advance ultrasonic cleaning systems) and ALE, UK (laser engraving systems).   
'We look forward to meeting you at Booth N6 in Hall 7 to interact and explore some of the best and new innovative technologies of the industry that will help you print smarter!' says Namah Raval, COO of academi a.   
Etirama has four different presses at an exclusive exhibition rate for their first time at Labelexpo India at booth N6 with academi a. 
Acme Rolltech  
Manufacturer of ceramic anilox rolls and sleeves, Acme Rolltech launches ACE (Advance Channel Engraving) rolls/sleeves engraving technology at Labelexpo India 2022. The company shows product information at its stand K1 in hall 5.   
The manufacturer also showcases special rolls used for screen type raised effects ATAC and high density white AHDW. The company also promotes its cleaning solutions and refurbishment program which is driving force for sustainable manufacturing.   
Acme Rolltech started production in 2019 and has recently installed its second engraving machine. The company offers its products to narrow web/labels, wide web flexo, offset coating, corrugation, film coatings and specialty coating applications.   
AKO Flexo 
Gujarat-based flexo press manufacturer AKO Flexo participates for the first time at Labelexpo India 2022. The company displays its 330mm 8-color flexo printing machine with add-on features. 
Apex International   
Manufacturer of anilox rolls, sleeves, glue sets, metering products, and print maintenance technology Apex International shows GTT anilox technology and address Flexokite knowledge center at its booth B30 in Hall 3.  
Mangesh Bhise, director of sales Apex Asia Pacific, says: ‘We all are excited for Labelexpo India which is happening after long gap of four years. We are showcasing our proven GTT anilox technology and its benefits to printers along with our wide range of products for various markets.   
‘We would also be addressing Flexokite – one stop flexo experience center located in our factory premises which is one of our key strengths and demonstrates the capabilities to support entire flexo ecosystem through key competences of each of our Flexokite partners for all markets.’ 
Asahi Photoproducts 
Asahi Photoproducts has confirmed it will be taking its sustainability message to Labelexpo India 2022. At the show, Asahi Kasei’ products will be presented by its distributor TechNova Imaging Systems. The stand will feature Asahi’s AWP-DEW plates which have achieved Carbon Neutral certification in Japan, the USA, China and Europe.  
Asahi Photoproducts representatives will also be discussing the company’s many years of working toward a more sustainable flexographic industry and the importance of setting a carbon neutral goal.  
In addition to AWP-DEW plates, Asahi’s AWPTM-Cleanflat plates are also part of the CleanPrint family and will be on display at the show. 
Arrow Digital   
Arrow Digital unveils ArrowJet Aqua 330r Hybrid Pro at the show.   
The ArrowJet Aqua 330r Hybrid Pro uses water-based pigment inks as a single-pass inkjet system. It utilizes Memjet Duraflex technology and prints in 1600 x1600 dpi at speeds of up to 45 meters per minute and a width of 12.27in with inline priming, digital printing, and varnishing together. 
The Key features of the ArrowJet Aqua 330r Hybrid Pro are inline varnish and priming options. The water-based pigment inks are Nestle compliant, the new standard in food and pharma industry.  
It can print micro text with sharpness of 2pt size. All of the above is backed by Arrow’s 24/7/365 Service support and trained professionals. 
Bhatia Graphica 
Bhatia Graphica participates for the first time at Labelexpo at booth J3 in Hall 5.   
Bhatia Graphica, pre-press service providers based in Mumbai, India since 1997, offers pre-press and printing plates for the flexo, dry offset and letter-press industries using HD CTP technology. These plates are currently being used for printing aluminum cans, aluminum collapsible tubes, lamitubes, seamless tubes, plastic cups, liquor caps, labels and embossing.  
The company showcases flexo printed samples, letterpress printed samples and dry offset printed samples and plates at the booth. 
Cartes exhibits at Labelexpo India 2022 at booth C9 in Hall 1 along with its agent Weldon Celloplast. The company demonstrates a line combining its Jet D-Screen (JDS), laser die-cutting and converting system for embellishing, finishing and die-cutting digitally printed labels.  
The Jet D-Screen for digital finishing enables variable data handling and creation of labels embellished with multi-layer effects, in-register varnishing, intricate and thick tactile embossing, security applications, ultra-high precision foil printing and cast gold with fine detail.      
The company’s laser die-cutting system is complemented by automatic job changeover via barcode reading, automatic positioning of longitudinal cutting units and turret rewinder. 
The Cartes Gemini series offers digital finishing for creating metal doming, high build varnish and Braille effects (Jet D-Screen), flexographic varnishing and printing, cast and cure, semi-rotary die-cutting and laser die-cutting and converting.     
The Cartes GT 360 series offers digital finishing for creating metal doming, high build varnish and Braille effects (Jet D-Screen), flexo printing and varnishing, screen printing, hot stamping, cast gold/3D, hologram application, cut window removal, application of labels on labels, high and low embossing, flat die-cutting, semi-rotary die-cutting and laser die-cutting and converting. 
Daya launches reel to reel thermal lamination machine with in-line embossing feature at stand A-6 in Hall 1. The machine is designed for printed/non-printed labels , that can do thermal lamination from 20 microns to 80 micros for BOPP/PET - holographic, plain or metalized films. Heating system is designed to suit high speed and pressure is hydraulic controlled to provide strong bonding. Machine is equipped with web guide system, auto tension controllers, pneumatic brakes for perfect unwind and rewind.   
Dee Dee Label 
Manufacturers of self adhesive labelstock in roll and sheets Dee Dee Label launches two new products clear on clear label and coverall label at its stand E15 in Hall 3. The company has two acrylic coating units and a high speed automatic hot melt coating unit. It has two in-house release coating units as well. 
DNP launches new V-series of thermal transfer ink ribbons TTR and TTO, with resin as the main component for printing barcodes on a variety of labels and flexible packaging. This V-Series stands for versatility, developed for optimal performance in diverse applications such as food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, healthcare and automotive. The V-Series of TTR and TTO ribbons will be an excellent choice for anyone looking to deliver crisp, dark images on a wide range of label and flexible packaging substrates. 
Manufacturer of release coatings and adhesive films for the pressure-sensitive industry Dow unveils SL 184 SYL-OFF SL 184 coating at its stand E3.   
A key focus for Dow’s pressure-sensitive market involves delivering silicone-based solutions that meet customer needs by optimizing performance, and improving efficiency across a variety of applications. 
The company also promotes SYL-OFF SL 184 high speed coating, SYL-OFF EM 7978 food release coating, SYL-OFF SL 351 hygiene release coating, DOWSIL 2014 adhesive solventless PSA, DOWSIL 7651 and 7652 adhesives for protective films and tapes at the show.     
DuPont Cyrel highlights Cyrel Fast thermal platemaking technology for flexographic printing at its booth L20 in Hall 5.  
The company promotes the new DuPont Cyrel Lightning UV LED exposure optimized plates at the show. The Lightning series are the plates of choice for LED exposures to achieve high quality printing across a broad range of packaging segments. Cyrel LSH is the photopolymer formulation for the solvent workflow.   
DuPont demonstrates live flexo platemaking with the entire Cyrel Fast thermal workflow technology during the show. 
Eltech shows new label flexo corona treater for flexographic printing machine, static eliminators and ionizers. Eltech’s devices enable its users to print at high speeds and achieve better ink adhesion.  
Atik Chauhan, director - Technical and Sales, Eltech, says: ‘Most label producers now understand the importance of corona treater requirements on their presses. Narrow web corona treater is the most economical technique to increase the surface energy of any substrate for better bonding of ink with the substrate. Ink bonding with the surface is a serious problem during printing the label, and thus, inline corona treatment is an effective and economical solution for increasing the surface energy of the base substrate prior to printing.’ 
Established in 1992, Eltech manufactures a wide range of corona treatment systems, plasma treatment systems and static charge eliminators. 
Esko demonstrates how its portfolio of hardware and software solutions enable businesses to better digitize, automate and connect to accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods at its stand L20 in Hall 5 at Labelexpo India 2022. 
The company demonstrates CDI Crystal XPS flexo platemaking technology, AVT print inspection technologies. At the heart of the Esko booth will be the CDI 4835 and XPS Crystal 4260. in combination with the new Flexo Engine module.  
The CDI Crystal XPS is said to reduce manual steps by 50 percent and errors by 50 percent and operator time by as much as 73 percent. Boosted by Print Control Wizard software - latest release now includes additional X-Rite color profiling, reducing the number of print trials for press fingerprinting.   
Esko emphasizes the benefit of automated processes by demonstrating its AVT Helios line. 
The Helios system automatically inspects the printed web for defects. Esko has more than 3,000 installations worldwide of the Helios system. 
UV curing systems manufacturer GEW showcases its entire product range at Labelexpo India 2022, emphasizing its UV LED models. The company highlights how UV LED technology enables narrow web printers to make energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. 
GEW shows the latest UV LED curing system, AeroLED, at the forefront of its product range and is shown in operation on a working demonstration press. 
In terms of design, AeroLED is a high-power system for full cure, printing, coating, and converting applications up to 60cm wide, with the air being extracted by a single centralized fan sited away from the press. There is no need for integrated fans or electronics in the individual lampheads, which eliminates the high-pitched noise and risk of failure that these bring. AeroLED uses GEW’s RHINO power supply and control range for ultimate reliability with Industry 4.0 approved, IoT Remote Monitoring as standard.  
Gulf Packaging Industries  
Gulf Packaging Industries of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of BOPP films in the Middle East region. The company offers a portfolio of more than 100 film grades used in a wide range of applications such as labels, flexible packaging and graphics arts.    
The company promotes its BOPP films for labels at booth N11, Hall 7. Gulf Packaging Industries launches films for IML (in-mold labels) at the show. 
Holostik, manufacturer of holographic labels and security hologram sticker printing service provider, launches several new products at Labelexpo India 2022.  
Nano Optical Image OVDs (optically variable devices) are secure and technologically advanced OVDs or security holograms. The master of these OVDs is shot at a resolution above 6,00,00 DPI. It can include nano text (up to 5 microns), nano images and microstructure.  
Optashield, based on custom holographic technology, displays two different colors at two different viewing angles. It is among the most secure and convenient authentication device in the anti-counterfeit industry, the company said.    
3D labels (printed OVDs) are embedded with aesthetic elements, designs and security features. 3D labels amplify a product’s visibility on the shelf and adds premium appeal to the brand.    
Half Scratch QR Code comes with half scratch layer over the QR code, preventing replication and tampering of the QR code. It can be embedded in both OVDs (holograms) and labels.      
Paper Label with Holographic Strips are secure and visually appealing paper labels with holographic strip transferred over it. The strip embedded with multiple security features offer safety of the product from tampering and counterfeiting.   
HP Indigo in collaboration with Technova Imaging Solutions present opportunities for labels and packaging business to produce labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging on its wide-ranging portfolio at its stand G18 in Hall 3.  
Over the next few days of the show HP Indigo digital press portfolio showcases new range of applications. HP shows finished products produced on the HP Indigo 6K digital press during live presentations.   
HP also hosts live sessions every day with HP industry experts, taking visitors through a journey of growth, new technologies and how to transform business, ending with a live demonstration on how to produce a digital label or shrink sleeve in minutes. Visitors get the opportunity to meet Indigo customers, media partners and vendors at HP booth.  
Live demonstrations take place daily at on November 10, 11, 12 and 13 at 11:00 am, 12.30 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm and last one at 4:30 pm. 
Kiran consultants 
Kiran Consultants will showcase Flexibiz ERP at its stand F3 in Hall 3.  
Kiran Consultants is a software company since 1988 based at Delhi. Flexibiz ERP is printing and packaging industry specific ERP Solution for flexibles, labels, cartons and film/paper stock. 
The ERP system offers end to end business process mapping for a flexo label converter with multiple presses and plants/locations.  
The company will launch Advanced BI Tool. It eliminates need to write complex SQL queries. It analyses big data (multiple companies, plants, years data) to find data patterns, plot meaningful charts. It has prebuilt interactive dashboards for sales, production, accounts to compare year to year, quarter to quarter performance. It offers data visualization. 
IEEC promotes its corona treatment systems to ensure that ink is anchored to substrates irrespective of the type of face material at its stand 42 Hall 7. The system is compact, operator friendly, easy to maintain. The company displays its double sided compact corona treatment system to enable front and back side treatment of the substrates in a single pass.  
IEEC launches Ozonash to neutralize the toxic ozone gas to air using metal oxide catalyst. Ozone is a by product of the corona treatment system which is a toxic and corrosive gas.  
This unit can be retrofitted on the existing corona treatment systems. It can also be offered as a combination feature with its systems.  
Konica Minolta  
Konica Minolta showcases AccurioLabel 230 digital press, AccurioPro workflow for digital label production process, along with digital die-cutting technology, on its stand K8 in Hall 5. 
Konica Minolta team shows live demonstrations of AccurioLabel 230 press at its stand. 
Konica Minolta booth also demonstrates AccurioPro Label impose production workflow makeready tool for digital label production. Post printing of the label, it shows a live demonstration of a digital die-cutting all-in-one system that unwinds, laminates, digitally die-cuts, removes waste, slit and rewind.  
The company showcases special label samples produced on newly launched Accuriolabel 400 equipment. Important new developments in Accuriolabel 400, include the ability to expand applications with white toner, improved productivity with print speeds of up to 39.9 meters per minute, as well as enhanced print quality.   
The company shows samples of MGI JETvarnish 3D Web digital print enhancement press. The JETvarnish 3D Web is said to be world’s first inline label and flexible packaging digital embellishment press for personalized 2D/3D dimensional textures and variable embossed foiling applications.
Label Traxx
Label Traxx showcases Version 9 with a completely redesigned, modern user interface. It will contain new primary navigation tools and increased customization options to enhance the user experience. Job Costing and Shop Floor Data Collection modules have been improved to support new roll tracking features, reliable remote access and a new operator user experience. 
Label Traxx and Batched demonstrate the third general release of their automated planning and scheduling product.  Along with other performance and usability improvements, this release contains a new set of features that blend artificial intelligence and machine learning with human engagement.  
Siteline, Label Traxx’s Customer Engagement Module, offers new features to simplify the product management and reordering processes. The tool now centralizing these processes in a single portal gives customers a single site to navigate. Siteline also reduces time spent on job ticket creation for customer service teams. 
Lucky Graphics 
Lucky Graphics shows Toyobo Cosmolight QZ Series water washable plate live demonstration and launch at its stand K-30 in Hall 5. 
Cosmolight Water-washable flexo plate can be washed out in tap water with a small amount of mild detergent. The plate makes the working environment free from dangerous hydrocrabon and hazardous washout solvents. Plates are ‘press-ready’ within an hour and ‘press-done-time' is dramatically reduced. 
It offers rich ink transfer and sharp highlight, sometimes referred as contradictory characteristics, are ensured with Toyobo's polymer technology. 
Solvent-based, water-based, alcohol-basedbased and UV ink can be used with resistance. Ink transfer and resistance with water-based varnish and UV varnish. Plate thickness, accuracy, allows ‘kiss-touch’ printing pressure. 
Cosmolight CTP is a solvent-free plate-making process and toxin-free for operators. Total platemaking time is within one hour. Built-in flat top dot reproduced with Toyobo's LAMS technology that helps achieve minimum dot gains and consistent print quality. It is compatible with various screening technologies. 
Maxcess promotes its new products RotoMetrics AccuAdjust Dual Adjust Anvil fully automated anvil control and FIFE-500 Max web guiding system for guiding tags and labels accurately.  
The RotoMetrics AccuAdjust Dual Adjust Anvil features easy-to-use digital controllers on the front of the die stack, quick installation into a press and automation-ready motors that ship with the unit itself.  
The new AccuAdjust features easy-to-access dual-adjustable controllers on the front of the die stack and is backed by Maxcess’ global service and support infrastructure. The new AccuAdjust provides customers with an adjustable anvil. In addition, each AccuAdjust unit comes plug-and-play ready for RotoMetric’s upcoming RotoAdjust automation system for greater operator control, enhanced productivity, and Industry 4.0 analytics.    
It features a 5in color touchscreen and advanced networking capabilities.
Miraclon showcases Kodak Flexcel NX technology at its booth H10.  
Visitors to the stand will learn how Flexcel NX Technology is delivering real time-to-market, cost and sustainability benefits for global packaging supply chains, and how it is proving to be a key enabler for the packaging industry to adopt flexo as a true viable alternative to digital, gravure and offset printing. 
Visitors have a chance to learn more about Flexcel NX Print Suite and its latest award-winning feature – PureFlexo Printing - that controls unwanted ink spread and allows for greater latitude on press.    
They can also view Flexcel NX Plates in action across the show floor, including on the Alliance Printech, Mark Andy, Multitec, RK Label and UV Graphic Technologies stands. 
Self-adhesive labelstock and silicone liner manufacturer MLJ Industries launches and showcases a host of release liners and labelstock materials at booth B9 in Hall 1.  
The company promotes release liners such as glassine, paper, CCK, SCK, recycled PE liner yellow and white, MG kraft and PE. Among labelstocks, MLJ shows semi gloss, PP white, PP silver, PP clear, DT, silver MET paper and removable silver PP.      
The manufacturer launches clear on clear, battery, tyre, pharma, speciality labels for corrugation, wash off, PET clear, PET white label, PE clear, PE white and repositionable labels and PET liner.    
Monotech Systems shows Colornovo Hybrid/ KolorSmart+ 6-color and 7-color UV inkjet label production presses at its stand C26, Hall 1. Both presses are equipped with several inline finishing and converting options for seamless digital label production.     
Also on live demonstration are the new version of the 4-color ColorAqua, an entry-level digital label production system equipped with inline flexo finishing options.  
Monotech launches and offers live demonstrations of dSpark UV inkjet label digital varnish and cold foiling press and TraceSci, a SaaS platform for track and trace developed by Monotech Systems. 
Ricoh sheetfed digital label production press is also shown live at the show.   
There are live demonstrations of other finishing and converting technologies for the label and packaging industry along with the display of a range of applications through a sample gallery.    
Multitec, Indian manufacturer and exporter of label printing equipment, displays its S1 full servo press in an 8-color 450mm configuration at its stands L5 and L15 in Hall 5a. The press is equipped with a combination of LED and UV dryers, multi-layer coupon label kit and new operator friendly features.     
The company also showcases new E4 press with twin servo technology and a full LED UV configuration.   
Amit Ahuja, CEO of Multitec, says: ‘This will be an interesting launch for the market as it will be with a new concept of an economical press with the advantage of dual servo technology.’   
A QSR Slitter rewinder with 100 percent defect detection runs live at the show.     
All the machines on Multitec stand are on live demonstration. Live demonstrations of printing on thin substrates including 12 micron PET, 2-layer labels and features such as auto-registration are on display. The company introduces several new features in its presses at the show.       
Multitec has over 450 installations in more than 35 countries.   
Newgen Printronics   
Newgen Printronics, printing and converting technology provider for labels printing and packaging industry, promotes products from several international manufacturers.  
The company represents and promotes international brands and their products including Durst Group AG (Italy), Omet (Italy), Packers (Korea), Polly Automatic (PRC), Berhalter (Swiis), Lundberg Tech (Denmark), DCM (France), Allen Pack (Taiwan), Heaford (UK), Alphasonics (UK), Rotary Technologies (PRC) and Alphacure (UK).     
Newgen Printronics on stand P13 in hall 7 shows live demonstration of Durst Workflow Software.   
Nippon Color  
Pre-press technology provider Nippon Color promotes multiple pre-press, press and post-press technologies at its stand M-23 in Hall 5.    
At Labelexpo India 2022, Nippon will promote Screen’s UV inkjet digital label press Truepress Jet L350UV SAI Series, Screen’s flexo CTP PlateRite FX N Series, Luescher’s all-in-one hybrid CTP, Glunz & Jensen’s flexo plate processing equipment, GoaanTain’s flexo plate UV LED exposure systems, Cron’s flexo CTP machines, Valloy’s all-in-one digital label finishers and Hybrid Software’s PackZ. 
Representatives from Screen Singapore and Luescher Switzerland are present at its booth during the show.    
The company has printed label samples and imaged digital flexo plates on display. 
Omet will promote its range of printing presses, their features, advantages and the new technologies developed by the company. In particular, it will promote newest addition, the KFlex flexo press.
The KFlex is a new fully servo-driven model with a web path of 430mm or 530mm and maximum printing speed of 200m/min. The Switch system allows every printer to adapt the press configuration to all production needs. 
At its stand during Labelexpo India, visitors will see Omet machines in detail and entire staff, from salesmen to technicians will be present at the booth to attend to visitors. 
Packline Machines
Packline Machines presents fully automatic die punching machine with continuous/print registered embossing. The company claims that its machines bring down cost and waste to 15 percent.  
Packline has more than 250 installations with more than 50 installations outside India. The machines can handle foil/paper, plastic//PET/PE laminated lids, labels cups, cones, plates, in-mold labels and induction seals of any complex profiles and sizes. 
Polyart Group, producer of specialty solutions on papers and films and synthetic paper, showcases its new extended portfolio at Labelexpo India 2022 for the first time in Asia at its booth E11 in hall 3. 
Its extended line of papers and films ranges from specialty facestocks to tag material and in-mold label material for blow molding.     
During Labelexpo India, Polyart Group launches two new sustainable substrates:   
r-Polyart, synthetic paper made of 30 percent post-consumer recycled material. r-Polyart looks and prints like 100 percent virgin material, and is said to have virtually the same mechanical properties, but a lower carbon footprint. Applications include industrial, VIP and prime labels.   
Fiberskin, a weather resistant paper, recyclable and biodegradable, printable by dry toner, for short term outdoor exposure. Applications include outdoor tags, labels and signages.     
Polyart IML film is demonstrated, claimed to be the only HDPE based film for in-mold labels blow-molding applications. For tag applications the company shows its Satinex range of HDPE based, highly resistant and 100 percent recyclable material for outdoor labels. Printable by flexo and thermal transfer printing, Satinex offers mechanical properties in one or both directions and is compliant for direct food contact.    
Pulisi displays AOBEAD digital press model DPIM330 for the first time after recent global launch in Korea and USA in addition to home country China.    
The multifunction UV inkjet label press with 600 dpi and 1200 dpi offers configuration of flexo+W+CMYK+flexo and inline Inspection system. 
Rakesh Paper Company
Rakesh Paper Company presents a range of A-grade stocks of self adhesive materials under the brand name Hippotac at its stall E1 in Hall 3.   
Since 1975 Rakesh Paper Company has been in importing top quality papers into the Indian market. In 2017, it introduced the Hippotac range of A-Grade stocks of pressure sensitive paper/films for the label industry, available in a variety of adhesives and substrates. 
Rotometrics hosts ‘Precision rotary tooling through customized cutting solutions’ training sessions at its stand G7 in Hall 3.  
Amol Naval of RotoMetrics (Maxcess) – India conducts three training sessions each day. First session takes place from 11:30 am - 12:00 pm, second session takes place from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm and third session takes place from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.   
The company shows the power of precision for efficient conversion of substrates by rotary tooling and the method of improving the life of the tooling. The sessions have limited seating, contact Rotometrics for registration. 
Visitors learn proper selection of flexible dies according to material, special treatments and coating of flex dies, die-cut station, magnetic cylinders audits to improve the life of the tool, anvil offering for versatility to handle variability. Contact Rotometrics for reservations. 
Sandilyam is a provider of code quality and verification products with more than three decades of experience in symbol verification and image quality experience. The company launches the latest in the series of 15xxx for comprehensive analysis and reporting on all aspects of code design, encodation and print quality at its stand E24 in Hall 3. 
The latest in these code verifiers for both linear and 2D codes are on display and demonstration.  
The company also showcases a range of code verifiers and generation software and majorly focus on the area of standards verification. The range of verifiers covers the linear classic, speed verifiers and camera verifiers.    
Among these the 6525-S verifiers are used to verify the medium/ large linear barcodes like the SSCC / S1-128. Also having the capability to verify with speed optics up to 100 verifications per second. The Android application of the Axicon verifiers also can be used for portability to verify the barcodes at preferred locations without need of connecting the verifier to PC/laptop.   
The 15500 verifiers are used in pharma packaging development /QC labs, in process checks in packing halls for GS1/ISO grade verification. The 15500 verifiers are suited for verification of QR codes,EAN-13 including the GS1 Data-bar types also printed on curved surface objects. This also meets the 21 CFR part 11 compliance requirements as necessary for the Pharma. The 15500 verifiers are easily upgradable to meet the latest GS1 Gen specifications and also cater to meet the country validation requirements of EU FMD, DSCSA, DAV healthcare, Brazil (ANVISA) including the Russian Pharmacy requirements.   
Shaharaji Associates  
Stamping foil provider Shaharaji Associates showcases ITW ShineMark range of cold foils under the name of its new firm Sharjun India.    
Sharjun India is an affiliation between Shaharaji Associates and Arjuna Global Impex.   
Shaharaji exhibits for the first time at Labelexpo India. The supplier promotes ITW cold foils at its stand during the show. Representatives from ITW Korea are expected to be present at the Shaharaji stand for direct customer interaction.  
Shree Lamipack   
Manufacturer of multi colored self adhesive labels with security features Shree Lamipack offers security labels with security printing, hologram strips, scratch off and QR codes apart from multi-color labels of up to 8-10 colors.  
The company introduces range of labelstock of paper and filmic material with the choice of adhesive slit into preferred size.  
Spilker Germany  
German precision manufacturers of specialized rotary-processing and special-purpose machinery Spilker Germany will join its partner Weldon Celloplast to exhibit at stand C9 in Hall 1. 
Spilker Germany is a specialized provider of tools and machines for rotary processing. Spilker covers the entire spectrum from individual flexible dies, a wide range of rotary tools, magnetic cylinders, print cylinders, sleeves, hot stamping/embossing/punching dies and complex rotary machines with integrated automation technology for labels and packaging.  
Standard Printers Providers   
Representing Taiyo Kikai Japan, Standard Printers Providers promotes Taiyo’s UV rotary flexo narrow web label press capable of handling a wide range of substrates including paper, films, light-weight carton, and laminates with high productivity and ease of operation.  
UFlex is exhibiting its wide range of holographic products and printing cylinders at G-20, Hall 3. The UFlex Holography business is exhibiting its product portfolio including registered foil stamping, cold foil, hybrid security labels, holographic sterling lens effects, and 3D optics labels. These products serve the dual purpose of brand enhancement and anti-counterfeiting for a large number of brands across industries globally.  
In addition, the UFlex Printing Cylinders business division is also participating in the show and is displaying its range of products including flexo plates, elastomer plates, and photopolymer plates. The UFlex Cylinders business division manufactures Flexo KodakNX printing plates. Flexo KodakNX printing plates come with laser square spot imaging technology. The plates are compatible with water-based inks.  
UV Graphic Technologies  
UV Graphic Technologies demonstrates its latest equipment at the show with several new launches at its stand F15 in Hall 3 with a floor space of 255sqm.   
The company showcases Ultraflex Dominator hybrid press developed in association with Domino. The press will consist of four flexo print stations, a Domino N600i 7-color engine with an extended color gamut, followed by two Domino K600i  flexo stations with semi rotary die-cutting units and an optional laser die-cutting unit.    
It will also show Ultraflex UFO 450 8-color flexo press 8-color full LED, twin servo film and label press with corona treater, web cleaner, de lam, re lam, turn bar, peel and seal, cold foil and extended content label printing.  
The Ultraflex Pony FB will be introduced and launched for the first time at Labelexpo India 2022. It is the fastest flat bed hot stamping and die-cutting press in the market with a speed of 22,000 SPM (strokes per minute) or 165 MPM (meters per minute) the press will demonstrate embossing, die cutting and combination hot foil stamping and embossing during the exhibition. 
Surface treatment manufacturer Vetaphone supports its agent Weldon Celloplast at Labelexpo India 2022. The Danish company has several of its corona units on working demonstration at the show.  
On stand F15/17/19 in Hall 3 India-based UV Graphics Technologies shows two Vetaphone VE-A 520 models on its narrow web Ultraflex flexo line, and two VE-A 460 models on its Ultraflex hybrid line, where the digital element is powered by Domino.     
All Vetaphone corona treaters at the show have the intelligent 2KW Vetaphone iCorona generators and are fitted with four ceramic electrodes in each unit.   
Vinsak promotes Lombardi range of flexo presses including the newly launched I2 wide web press, Iwasaki range of semi rotary presses including the newly launched IF 330 intermittent flexo press and ABG range of Digicon series 3 finishing systems, Digilase laser cutting systems and Vectra range of turret rewinders at stand O5 in Hall 7.   
From the Vinsak range, the company promotes and demonstrates live USAR-430 full rotary die-cut with flexo unit and VDP, USAR-330 with HB inkjet and cold foil, tabletop rewinder and roll lifter VRL-250.
Rubber roller manufacturing company Vintex Rubber Industries launches plate mounting and laser engraved sleeve at its booth M13 in Hall 5.  
Established in 2000 by LN Chhabra in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Vintex gradually expanded to five production units in Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The company supplies offset and gravure consumables and has introduced flexo products as well.   
In order to service the increasing demand in flexo Industry, Vintex has diversified into flexo products such as plate mounting sleeves, laser engraved sleeves, elastomer plates, polymer plates and ink chamber seals.   
On display at Labelexpo India are rubber rollers, plate mounting sleeves, laser engraved elastomer plate, polymer plate and ink chamber seals.   
Webtech International Machineries  
Press manufacturer Webtech International Machineries launches its latest generation flexographic printing press Labeltech X1 Series and its first smart label inspection machine with speeds of 250m/min. It is equipped with E+L inspection camera, three servo drives and two web guide units.   
It also promotes fully loaded 8-color flexographic printing machine in 410mm width Labeltech X1 Series, label die-cutting with one color - Blankmaster X Series, label inspection machine with online slitter - Smartline X1 Series, flexo web video plate mounter and label slitter rewinder machine - Lableslitter X Series.    
The company shows live demonstrations of the machines at its stand P20 in hall 7.