Baker Self Adhesive Labels installs two HP Indigo WS6800 digital presses

UK printer Baker Self Adhesive Labels (Bakers) has made its largest ever machine investment by purchasing two HP Indigo WS6800 digital presses, which will enhance the company's state-of-the-art factory in Brentwood and provide spare capacity.

Baker Self Adhesive Labels installs two HP Indigo WS 6800 presses

‘Our customers are looking for shorter lead times and a consistent quality supply of goods,’ said Steve Baker, Bakers managing director. ‘We have had a long and successful relationship with HP for over 11 years and have purchased a total of seven Indigo presses in that time. We are familiar with the technology and the 6800 press is very stable, so we are confident that this will be a good investment for years to come. We have excellent operators and highly skilled support staff so it makes sense to give them the best equipment available.’

Bakers recognized the use of variable data, variable texts, micro texts, security features, mosaic and fluorescent all need to be enhanced to increase the value-added advantages of digital. Steve Baker continued: ‘It’s taken a long time but the industry is just starting to understand the true value of digital printing. We are slowly starting to move away from the perception that this technology is just to produce standard labels cheaper. Understanding the true capabilities will have tremendous advantages to designers and brand owners to create unique and effective packaging and advertising campaign.'

Jamie Doogan, Bakers sales manager, added: ‘To remain successful as a trade printer we must strive to invest in a range of print techniques. Along with the HP Indigos we have UV Inkjet, high spec flexo, rotary screen, reinsertion, quality finishing and inspection. We have also invested in new IT, automation, preflight and planning to ensure all orders are handled in a proficient, professional manner to give a high-quality trade experience but with very fast lead times. It certainly makes it easier to increase sales when we can produce such a wide variety of products. I can’t remember the last time we had to say no to a customer.’

Steve Baker sees this as the start of a new round of major investment by the company, and is looking to bolster its finishing equipment but is also looking forward to Labelexpo Europe 2017 to see how inkjet and enhancing technologies have progressed.