FlexoPartners installs MPS EFA fully automated flexo press

The purchased MPS EFA 430 machine features 8 colors, delam/relam, web turner bar, single die unit, and MPSConnect for performance optimization

The connected press of MPS - EF next generation

Canadian printer FlexoPartners purchased an MPS EFA 430 fully automated flexo press with the MPS performance program to maximize their full production capabilities. The order was led by Jerry Wynia of Northern Graphic Solutions, the MPS representative in Canada, and the press is since installed and running production.

Under the new ownership led by Niraj Patel, the company is heavily investing in new equipment built with the latest technology to expand production capacity and expand their offerings for their Canadian customers. FlexoPartners is engaged in the field of PS labels, lidding films, shrink sleeves and other specialized labels and flexible packaging. The company has customers across Canada and a presence in the American market as well. The management has a wide experience in labelling technology across North America and India for the past 25 years.

The purchased MPS EFA 430 machine features 8 colors, delam/relam, web turner bar, single die unit, and MPSConnect for performance optimization to print unsupported film for shrink labels and lidding in addition to self-adhesive labels.

‘The new owners of FlexoPartners made the decision to move forward with MPS’ cutting-edge technology and highly automated EFA platform to bring new market opportunities and improved efficiencies to their existing business,’ said Wynia. ‘By also investing in the MPS performance program, FlexoPartners has the best combination of advanced printing technologies and MPS support to maximize their press productivity and reduce costs.’

A connected production environment

The MPS performance program with MPSConnect provides printers continuous, real-time transparency in their production processes. Over 20 KPIs are tracked by MPSConnect to help printers save money, waste, and time, by tracking job and roll changeovers, planned and unplanned press stops, press speed, and more activity.

Other benefits of the MPS performance program include online learning to help operators improve their press operation skills; monthly performance analysis and meetings to identify performance potential, set goals, and track progress; video analysis to combine the quantitative data from the machine with qualitative data of what is happening on and around the press; and a quarterly financial analysis to identify productivity and profitability gains and potential areas of improvement.

‘MPS systems North America and our local partner Northerns Graphics are very pleased with the addition of FlexoPartners Canada to our continuously growing customer base,’ said John Beltman, VP MPS systems North America. ‘By delivering this press on very short notice, we helped FlexoPartners with their urgent need for additional capacity. This press makes it possible for FlexoPartners to service customers across F&B, cosmetic and neutraceutical markets. They believe this is the first press of the many more to come.

‘We look forward to supporting FlexoPartners with enhancing and increasing production from their new EFA 430 flexo press through data insights from MPSConnect and our accompanying performance program.’