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  • 28 Feb 2019

UK converter installs Impact matrix waste system

A label and packaging converter based in the UK’s East Midlands approached Impact looking for a way to handle the matrix waste from its high-speed label printer. The sticky window punched trim was creating an issue, halting the production process for rewinding, removal and disposal.

The addition of Impact’s matrix removal system to the operations means that productivity ‘has been dramatically increased providing an extremely efficient investment’, according to the supplier.

Impact designed and installed a central waste extraction system which extracts the matrix at source via a trim collection hood, the waste is then cut into smaller pieces by a trim cutter before it travels through the ductwork to a material separator before entering a diverter drop chute which automatically selects the available compactor in which to deposit the trim.

The customer informed Impact of plans for a second printer installation, so would need the system to be able to manage the waste for both production lines, which Impact catered for within the design.

While Impact’s matrix removal systems are designed to suit each individual production process, the company has also just developed the latest version of the Matrix Master, a stand-alone, plug and play trim removal system that offers the same effective matrix removal as a central system, but is a versatile mobile system for the smaller production lines and operations. 

The Matrix Master removes waste at the source via a specially coated hood, designed for sticky waste, which is cut into small pieces by an internal trim cutter and then deposited into plastic sacks for disposal. Impact also offer the Matrix Master with a built-in screw compactor which provides an effective way to bale and store the waste, reducing space, time and labor.


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