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  • 04 Aug 2020

UV Graphic sees encouraging demand for Ultraflex press

Mandar Ugar (left) and Abhijeet Ugar of Vikram Printers, Pune with their new Ultraflex UFO multi substrate press

Indian machine manufacturer, UV Graphic Technologies, sees increasing demand for its flexographic presses Ultraflex UFO.

The company has installed two presses - one in Delhi and another in Pune - and sold the third press which is ready to ship to Kalka near Chandigarh.

Delhi-based Optimum Labels has opted for a 370mm wide, 8-color Ultraflex UFO press. The company started five years ago with a refurbished machine. This is the Optimum Labels first investment in a new fully loaded press.

Vikram Printers in Pune is an offset printer engaged in packaging, looking into the future and growing demand from their customers, opted for a 450mm wide Ultraflex UFO multi substrate press. Abhay Datta, director of UV Graphic Technologies, said: ‘Our presses are built in such a way that it takes only a day to install. Our engineers, while taking all precautions, flew to Pune and installed the machine in a day.’

The third Ultraflex is being sent to PP Labels in Kalka.

Datta said: ‘Our press is very compact and efficient. We claim perfect register and makeready within three metres on this press and the forth meter is sellable, which results in huge savings in makeready for any printer. In the end, the market is controlled by the buyer, not the seller and we see good demand for our flexo presses.’

While the press shipped to Vikram Printers in Pune was finalized at Labelexpo Europe, the one installed at Optimum Labels in Delhi was confirmed in February 2020. PP Labels finalized the flexo press during the lockdown in the beginning of July 2020.

The company demonstrated the press at Labelexpo Europe 2019 where it booked seven orders