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  • 17 Oct 2017

PIAA reaches out to labeling industry

Having recently successfully overseen his organization's merger with the Packaging Council of Australia, Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) CEO Andrew Macaulay is considering the next stepping stone in his quest to create and all-embracing industry voice.

In a recent conversation with Labels & Labeling, he identified several opportunities and mentioned exploratory discussions with the recently established FPLMA. Its secretary, Tony Dalleore, agreed that for advocacy purposes, one voice serves to strengthen the position of an industry replete with SME-style member companies.

A current example cited by Macaulay is PIAA’s advocacy for immediate action to free up energy markets. He pointed to inaction by authorities at currently skyrocketing energy prices, which he described as ‘creating sovereign risk in an essential industry’.  

Additionally, Macaulay pointed to the irrevocable trend of printing company mergers and acquisitions as having an effect on membership numbers and the subsequent diminution of revenues from subscriptions.

‘As a result, we need to provide a broader range of services to meet the needs of our members; we need to attract members back to PIAA through our wins in advocacy and the comprehensive events program being established, as well as look for new revenue opportunities.’

The merger of PIAA and PCA was confirmed earlier this year.


Henry Mendelson is Labels & Labeling's Oceania correspondent.

He covers labels and packaging printing developments in the Australasia region for the publication.

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