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  • 04 Oct 2019

Ashland unveils new adhesives portfolio

Ashland unveiled new adhesives portfolio

Ashland’s new Solverster portfolio of laminating adhesives available in both aliphatic and aromatic chemistries, features an improved bond performance, ingredient resistance, low migration performance and cure times of three days or less at ambient conditions.

Each laminating adhesive has been uniquely designed to provide ultimate end-use performance. Depending upon the application, Solvester 2130-65 laminating adhesive passes ‘hard-to-hold’, aggressive ingredients testing. Solvester 2500-65RT offers three days or less cure times in ambient conditions for retort. Solvester 5000 is designed for use with a variety of high slip films. 

‘In response to our customers’ growing needs for increased adhesive performance both in converting and end-use application, each Solvester laminating adhesive has been uniquely designed to increase converter productivity and enhance the consumer experience,’ said Catherine Heckman, global industry manager, laminating adhesives and coatings at Ashland.

‘Our new Solvester adhesives were designed for excellent end-use application performance, optimal processing and cure speeds and food safety.  We are thrilled to work with customers to demonstrate our product performance whether in their facility or on Ashland’s production scale laminator. Additionally, we can complete migration testing with customer-specific films to ensure their final package is safe for consumers,’ said Randy Johnson, global adhesives technical director, laminating adhesives and coatings at Ashland. 


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