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  • 20 Apr 2009

Baker launches paper based on rock minerals

Baker Self Adhesive Materials has launched EnPLUS, a new paper technology made from rock minerals that can be used across a wide range of printing and packaging applications.

‘EnPLUS can be used with a wide range of inks and print processes and has the same printability as conventionally made paper products,’ said materials manager David Richards. ‘Having similar characteristic to plastic, it combines high scuff and water resistance with additional strength and durability.’

EnPLUS can be used for the production of self-adhesive and in-mold labels, tickets, tags, wide format inkjet printing, signage, display media and any operation where paper and board are used for packaging. It is a photodegradable product that can be added to the recycling process and used again in numerous manufacturing operations.

‘Pulp papers are manufactured using approximately 60 percent of bleached wood mixed with approximately 40 percent calcium carbonate that whitens the paper and gives a smooth printing surface,’ added Richards. ‘EnPLUS is based on natural rock minerals that are constantly replaced by the earth’s water systems so its use contributes to the reduction in the number of trees needed for paper production and also helps preserve the environment.’

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