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  • 15 Apr 2021

Etirama launches new line of UV flexo presses

Etirama launches new line of narrow web UV flexo presses

Etirama has launched Etirama Global Series, a new range of narrow web UV flexographic printing machines, during a virtual open house on its YouTube channel held on April 7, 2021. The machines launched during the live broadcast attended by more than 3000 viewers worldwide include Etirama One, Etirama SPX, Etirama SPS2.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibitions and events where the company was originally planning to launch the new products were canceled. Therefore, the company organized a virtual event that was broadcasted live in three languages to launch the new presses.  
Etirama One  
The modular UV flexographic printing press comes with a maximum printing width of 250mm. It is configured with up to 8 printing units and can produce high-quality labels at a speed of up 100m/min.   
This machine is a premium entry-level product within the new line.   
Etirama SPX  
The SPX model comes with 250mm of maximum printing width. The important features include a 360-degree spinning bottom for the plate cylinder; a rail to move the cold stamping and lamination; and electronic adjustment of the UV curing system. These features can speed up the machine's set-up for cost savings and profitability.    
Etirama SPS2  
The press is built around a shaftless transmission system using servomotors and comes with electronic registration adjustment in addition to the pre-registration system through the 360-degree spinning bottom of the plate cylinder.   
The equipment, with a maximum printing width of 350mm, can run at a speed of up to 150m/min.  
The new product line is a part of the company's strategy to globalize the brand and target medium label manufacturers.   
The new SPS2 model already has units to be installed in Brazil, Spain, Dubai, Russia, Argentina and Mexico.   
The traditional model of Etirama, SuperPrint, continues to be manufactured for customers who print multiple labels such as self-adhesive, shrink films, in-mold labels, aluminum, among others. Similarly, the company’s line of slitter rewinders upgraded at the beginning of 2020 continue to be manufactured and receive a healthy demand.


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