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  • 16 Oct 2019

Fix-a-Form unveils new finisher

Fix-a-Form's new AF500 label finishing machine designed for multi-page label production

British manufacturer Fix-a-Form International has launched its next generation of Autofix leaflet label finishing machine, codenamed AF500, the first of which is already sold and in production.

The AF500 is the latest leaflet label finishing machine designed especially for multi-page label production. The next generation in the Autofix range features faster setup times, easier operation and a web width up to 500mm (19.5in). It provides increased productivity and greater range of formats often demanded by the pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, promotional and informational markets.

Fix-a-Form also added unique crossly-web glue system for hot, cold or a combination of both, flat-bed die-cutter with increased capacity and speed and twin placement head option. There are also now optional extras available such as remote Internet monitoring, live camera inspection, in-line double sheet detection, independent laminate and web slitting.

‘This is an exciting time for us at Fix-a-Form International. We have invested considerably in the development of the new range of machinery and are delighted we have sold the first of this new generation machine. This is a great journey for us as the originators and creators of Fix-a-Form Multi Page Leaflets, over 40 years ago. To continue to be manufacturing the machinery to produce the product – multi-page leaflet labels, is a great success for the company,’ said Andrew Denny, managing director of Fix-a-Form International.

‘Multi-page leaflet labels are a premium product for label manufacturers and with Fix-a-Form machinery a real variety of shapes, sizes, page numbers and multiple configurations can be achieved, meeting the broad range of customer’s requirements,’ concluded Denny.



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