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  • 09 Dec 2011

Spartanics unveils L-350 high speed laser cutting machine

Spartanics has launched its L-350 high speed laser cutting machine with a single laser head design, enabling high quality cuts with a 210 micron spot size in a 350 mm cutting field at speeds of up to 80 meters/minute. 

The L-350 is said to automate optimization of web speed, eliminate quality issues in many applications that require stitching cuts from two laser sources, enable job changeovers on-the-fly and to be operator-friendly due to its intuitive operator interface and 'behind-the-scenes' control engineering software.

It includes UV coating stations, lamination, slitting and sheeting options. Superior cut quality is achieved with a wide range of materials – such as polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, metalized and paper. CO2 costs are minimized and inherent quality issues of open CO2 delivery systems avoided by using only sealed CO2 supplied to power lasers.

Mike Bacon, Spartanics vice president, commented: ‘Through the years we’ve talked to many companies that wanted to use the superior cutting technology that Spartanics provided but they just could not afford the higher end technology that we offered. The L-350 has not cut any corners on the software engineering or any other product features that impact cut quality, speed or system durability. We expect it to quickly become our top-selling laser cutting machine model because when you look at the combination of price and quality it can’t be beaten. We also know that there will continue to be many companies that need the extra bells and whistles of our higher-priced systems because they are handling unique applications. Now, with the addition of the Spartanics L-350 high speed laser cutting machine, there is no gap in our product offerings for laser cutting.’

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