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Digital label and package printing: Evolution and trends

A look at the history of digital label printing and market innovation over the years

The printing of labels with digital technology is not new. Address labels were being printed by inkjet as far back as the early 1970s, while digital black and white or spot color printing onto labels, tickets and tags was already being carried out in the early and middle 1980s by companies such as Delphax Systems, which had been formed in 1980 as a joint venture between Avery Dennison Corp. predecessor Dennison Manufacturing Co. and the Canada Development Corp. (later bought out of the venture by Xerox Corp). 

GMC Digital Systems in Switzerland were also developing digital label and document printing solutions. A number of other digital document printing machines from Xerox, Canon and Nipson were additionally finding application in business forms plants for address and mailing label production. All these companies were using digital monocolor dry toner printing technologies.