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  • 17 Jun 2020

Fix-a-Form releases white paper about Covid-19 effect on labeling industry

Fix-a-Form releases white paper about Covid-19 effect on labeling industry

Fix-a-Form, specializing in design and manufacturing of leaflet label machines, has issued a white paper analyzing various reports to assess the effect Covid-19 on the labelling industry, but also opportunities it presented to label converters.

‘Working amidst the coronavirus pandemic we have looked at various reports to assess the effect on the labelling industry. Looking at the differences between the sectors we can see the opportunities that have arisen and the problems to overcome,’ said Rachel Littleboy, marketing executive at Fix-a-Form and the author of white paper. 

The Covid-19 crisis the world is fighting has created a health pandemic as well as an economic emergency. Costing the death of over 400,000 people and impacting trillions of dollars of lost revenues.

The company’s white paper looks at demand and supply issues in several labeling sectors including pharmaceuticals, agrochemical, food, retail, but also at changing and loosening the labeling legislation by FDA and HPA.

The report touches also on remote working and overall changes in the workplace: ‘One positive and permanent change that could come out of the crisis is within the workplace. The coronavirus pandemic has already changed the way in which we do our business, and, in some cases, it has forced us to become more efficient.

‘With the expected issues of trading during a global pandemic such as production times due to obtaining materials it seems the label industry has pulled out all the stops and kept the global economy going with a few changes along the way,’ company stated in the white paper. 

The full version is available for download for free on Fix-a-Form website:


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