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Understanding quality control and compliance management

The more substrates, printing colors and processes, the more converting and finishing operations, then the more chance of quality being compromised

The printing of labels and packaging involves much more than just putting ink on paper, board, film or metallic foils. Yes, jobs may be printed in anything up to eight or more colors – from flexo to offset, screen, photogravure, electrophotographic or inkjet – like some other printing sectors, but this can be followed by a wide or diverse range of converting or finishing line operations. These operations may include hot or cold foiling, embossing, die-cutting, varnishing, laminating, scoring, perforating, folding, re-winding or sheeting. 

To perhaps make things even more complex there are an increasing number of jobs that may be printed on multi-process combination or hybrid presses, using two, three or more different printing processes in one production line. Indeed, hybrid digital/analogue presses are forecast as one of the growth technologies for the future.