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Workflow automation – today and tomorrow

The label and package printing sectors have been undergoing fundamental changes in recent years

The label, and more rather more recently, the package printing sectors, have been undergoing some quite fundamental changes in recent years. The introduction of digital printing alone has brought significant change to the way short printing runs are produced, with sophisticated digital front ends, quick job changeovers, the opportunity to easily run multi-versions and variations, the ability to offer personalization or sequential coding and numbering, and much more.

Not surprisingly, the conventional analogue press manufactures have been coming up with their own innovations to reduce set-up and down time using servo drive technology, quick cylinder and die changes, press digitization, the introduction of job data/definition files (JDF) and shop floor data capture to transfer data to presses and, increasingly working with companies such as Esko and the MIS software companies to move towards ever greater pre-press and workflow automation.