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  • 22 Mar 2010

Xeikon introduces new toners

Digital press manufacturer Xeikon, a division of Punch Graphix, has introduced QA, its new range of Quadrupled Adapted toners. The toners come in two types: the industrial version (QA-I), and the productivity version (QA-P).  

QA-I toner has been developed specifically for the packaging and labeling market, and claims major advances in image quality, light fastness, food safety and ecological benefits. QA-I toner is dedicated to Xeikon’s 3000 label printing press; QA-P toner is aimed at the document printing and book printing markets. 

‘This is a logical step, and stems from the segmented approach of our machines introduced at drupa 2008,’ said Lode Deprez, VP consumables and process group at Punch Graphix. ‘We’ve decided to offer dedicated toners – because each application has its unique requirements, we focus on developing the most appropriate toner for that specific application.    

‘The packaging and labeling market, for example, demands a larger color gamut, better fast lightness and higher food safety than the document printing market. With the QA-toner, customers working in the packaging and labeling market get a toner that’s tuned for their specific needs. The choice of the pigments and the way the toner has been designed also improves the lifetime of the fuser drums.’ 

The QA-toner features a new polyester resin system with EF catalyst, which includes no organic tin and also comes with an EF carrier system. It is packaged in larger 1,200g toner bottles, which results in nearly 50 percent less waste. The dry toner technology used in the QA-toner is 100 percent compatible with the increasing demand for global reductions of VOC emissions, and existing deinking and recycling installations, and will be produced using 100 percent green electricity.  

The new toner will be available in Spotcolors (QA SPOT) for the 3000 and 8000 series engines. The QA toners are expected to be commercially available from July 2010, and will be launched officially at Ipex 2010. 

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