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Carol Houghton: Visualizing the future of labels

Figures suggest there are 285 million people worldwide with a visual impairment. With this in mind, a number of interesting innovations are emerging within the label industry.

Labels are read for primary product information and are also a key marketing tool in getting consumers to notice and purchase a particular product. But for those with limited sight or blindness, how is it possible to access all this?

The French seem to be leading the way in terms of related innovations. Stratus Packaging has launched a Braille printed QR code that takes the user to an audio link, allowing them to access product information. Arman Martirosyan, a student, has invented a new barcode scanning technology that is linked to an earpiece, providing similar benefits. More details on both will be published in L&L issue 3.

Enabling the blind to shop more independently and access the same information as those with full vision, the label just became even more valuable.

Carol Houghton
Labels & Labeling