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  • 26 Jan 2012

Packaging makes the world go round

I’ve just been reviewing some stats of the traffic coming through the Package Print Worldwide website, and am highly pleased to be able to report that they validate any claim we make that PPW is a global resource.
Overall, from New Year’s Day to January 26, we had visitors from 98 countries. The best guess is that there are around 196 countries in total around the world which means, by that number, more than half the world is looking at
That is of course a huge extrapolation, but when the figures show news and features are being read from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe via a whole host of destinations, it makes good reading for a magazine with "worldwide" in its title. Visits from the Philippines, Peru, Chile, Canada, Russia and New Zealand mean this site is being seen and drawing interest from all corners of the world.
Numerous visits from India, China and Japan make us popular in the developing nations, while there’s similar attention being paid to the work of Package Print Worldwide in South American nations, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia.
A look at the below graphic will show you just what I’m talking about, as areas with any hint of green signify a location which has visited


The dream, of course, is to have every country in the world registering interest in Package Print Worldwide, but, for now, more than half allows us to credibly claim to be the true source of information for industry suppliers, designers, technology manufacturers, printers and converters, brand owners and end users involved with the printing of all forms of consumer packaging, especially folding cartons and flexible packaging, around the world.


David Pittman


David Pittman is former deputy editor of Labels & Labeling.

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