Labelexpo Americas 2022: A-Z technology preview

Strategic analysis of what to expect Labelexpo Americas in Chicago this September

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3M, AB Graphic International, AccraplyActega, Agergaard Graphic Supplies, AIMCALAkeboose, Apex InternationalApplied Laser EngineeringApplied Rigaku TechnologiesArrow Systems, Artwork Flow, Asahi Photoproducts, Ashe Converting EquipmentAnytron, AV FlexologicAvery Dennison, Baldwin TechnologyBerhalter, Breit Technologies, Bar Graphic Machinery, Brotech, Cartes, Cerm, Channeled Resources GroupComet Flexographic Machines, Colop, Colordyne Technologies, CyngientDantex Group, Daco Solutions, Davis Standard, DCM, Delta Modtech, Demak Group, Dip Co, Dimatra, Dilli, Domino, DPR Labeling, DuPont CyrelDurico, Durst Group, Eaglewood Technologies, ef Cooling, Eclipse Label Equipment, Epson, Erhardt+Leimer, EskoEsterlam, EyeC, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, Fix-A-Form International, FLEXconFlexo WashFlxonFlint Group Narrow Web, Formic, Fujifilm, Fuji Shoko, GEW, Global Graphics SoftwareGMG ColorGrafisk Maschinfabrik, Grafotronic, Gulf Pack Americas, HanGlobalHarper, Heidelberg Gallus, Heraeus Noblelight America, HP Indigo, Hubergroup Print Solutions, Hybrid Software, ImageworksIMDA, Infigo, International Media Products, INX International InkJM Heaford, Karlville, Klear Plastic Ventures, Kocher+Beck, Konica Minolta, Kroenert, KTI, Kurz, Label Traxx, Lemorau, Lemu Group, Luminescence Sun Chemical Security, Lundberg, Maan Engineering, Mactac, Mark Andy, Martin Automatic, MecaMerlin TechnologyMeteor Inkjet, Michelman, Nastar, Natural Ink, Nazdar Ink TechnologiesNeuraLabel Printing Solutions, Nobelus, OneVisionPaper Resources, Phoseon Technology, Polyart Group, Prati, Prime UV-IR, Print IQ, QspacRe, Retroflex, Ricoh Electronics, Rosas Maschinenbau, Rotocontrol, Rotometal, S-One Labels & PackagingSchoberttechnologies, Screen, Sei Laser, Sensory Analytics, Shark Wheel, Spinnaker Pressure Sensitive ProductsStouseStrata-Tac Advanced Coating Technologies, Sun ChemicalTechkon USA, Tectuprint, Tesa Tape, Tharstern, Thwing-Albert Instrument Company, Tresu, Trinity Graphic, TootechToray PlasticsTower Products, UnivaccoUPM Raflatac, Uver, UVitec Printing InkVoyantic, Wasau Coated Products, Wilson Manufacturing Company, Xeikon, XsysZeller+Gmelin 

3M demonstrates key durable label products for automotive, medical and general industrial markets. The company displays a wide range of technologies such as its new versatile print topcoat and a variety of solvent and solventless adhesives. Additionally, 3M features multiple technologies for flexographic mounting. 
AB Graphic International shows a new non-stop converting line for the first time. It includes the NSU 670mm converter and Vectra turret rewinder for non-stop blank label production. The company also highlights other products from its portfolio, such as Digicon Series 3 in a beverage specification that features the Big Foot hot foil/embossing module and flatbed screen. Other machines on the stand include the Omega SRI3 label finishing system, the entry level DigiLite, a DigiLase laser cutter with a new decal option for roll-to-roll, individual pieces, and A4 sheets, a Vectra ECTR turret rewinder and RTS sheeter.
Accraply is showing its next generation of modular and configurable seaming technology the Accraply Revolve, designed to improve output, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity. This platform has an intuitive design that reduces operator dependency and enables streamlining and improving operations. Revolve offers an operator-friendly design, flexibility, customization, and scalability.
Actega introduces new ActExact SafeShield UV and LED flexo ink products for labels with stringent low migration requirements, including indirect food contact packaging, cosmetics and nutraceutical applications.
Actega showcases its specialty and haptic coating effects for labels and shrink sleeves along with live presentation of its EcoLeaf metallization technology on the ABG stand. EcoLeaf eliminates the need for foil and reducing the carbon footprint of metal pigment finishing by 50 percent. 
The company presents a wide range of printed samples with technical experts on hand to talk about requirements for flexo and rotary screen ink, and coating products for pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and narrow web pouches. 
Agergaard Graphic Supplies presents its end seal and doctor blade technology tailored to label printing and narrow-web printing processes. The Coatseal Flexi 3D end seal series is designed to withstand abrasive and viscous UV inks and achieve reliable sealing results thanks to the improved rotational contact area between the anilox roller and end seal. This unique contact zone reduces the friction and mechanical wear on the seal for improved efficiency and extended lifecycle.
For graphics and colors, the company promotes Steelblade doctor blades made of high-quality steel for a precise and clean ink wipe. They are an integral part of a powerful printing deck with an anti-spit profile supporting UV label printers in tackling their ink-spitting issues.
For printers preferring plastic doctor blades, Agergaard suggests Polyblade series, which offer precision doctoring combined with wear resistance and work safety.
AIMCAL (Association of International Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators) offers information on membership benefits, in-person and virtual educational resources and opportunities for roll-to-roll converters and web processors to grow their businesses.
Copies of the 2022 Q3 issue of Converting Quarterly, AIMCAL’s official technical journal, along with our AIMCAL-TLMI jointly produced Special Report on Labeling & Release Liners, are also available. Print and digital-edition subscription information and guidelines for contributing a technical paper to the magazine are included.
Apex International showcases GTT 2.0, a patented engraving design, refined for more than 10 years to mitigate liquid turbulence. The proprietary Open Slalom Ink Channel engraving is streamlined to reduce ink spitting, mottling, pinholing, plugging, and dot gain. The enhanced design has been proven to save on ink usage and deliver higher opacity and print quality. The engraving is available in a variety of volume options and can be utilized in multiple print applications, from fine print to flood coat.
AkeBoose showcases its Nova Compact and Nova RS chamber doctor blade systems. The Nova RS chamber system is specifically designed for viscous UV inks that are difficult to pump.
Applied Laser Engineering introduces its new Twin Track Technology. This technique provides control of the focused laser beam by controlling the laser power and the position of the focus beam within each anilox cell. 
This Twin Track approach offers several significant advantages. All parts of a cell can be reached by the focused laser beam, and the power of each of these points can be controlled. According to the company, the Energy Density Ceiling is no longer an issue because Twin Track operates close to sharp focus. Twin Track enables allows users to achieve higher cell volumes with a lower depth of engraving, thanks to the focused laser beam moved around the anilox cells with the laser power changed dynamically to keep the cell bottom flatter.
Applied Rigaku Technologies presents NEX LS, an in-line silicone coating analyzer for real-time process control. NEX LS software provides a clear visual representation of the process. Its analytical head sweeps back and forth across a moving web and real-time data displays as a graphical crossdirection and machine direction profile. The company also offers at-line benchtop unit for measuring very low silicone coating weights and metal catalysts in silicone coatings. Both benchtop and process solutions feature EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) technology, a standard, nondestructive technique used in the paper and film industry for determining silicone coating thickness and composition. 
Arrow Systems showcases the latest water-based pigment inkjet using the Duraflex technology from Memjet, the ArrowJet Aqua 330, designed to print labels, flexible packaging, blister foils and shrink sleeve materials using water-based pigment inks. It can operate at 1600x1600 DPI and speeds of up to 150ft/min. In addition to the high-speed inkjet products, Arrow Systems promotes a wide range of digital finishers and in-line products for printing and cutting in a single pass. The company showcases blade and laser finishers with the latest for in-line print and cut technology, the ArrowJet Nova 330R.
Artwork Flow presents its flexible workflow management system for multi-stage approval and artwork collaboration. Additionally, the company features an AI-enabled Smart Proofing for FDA compliance, helping brands go to market faster. Visitors are able to learn how the platform helps pharmaceutical and life sciences brands with efficient 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
Asahi Photoproducts features its AWP-CleanPrint line of water-washable flexographic plates designed as more sustainable alternative for traditional solvent-washable plates and to deliver improved quality on press with reduced cycle time.
Asahi also promotes a brand-new water recycling unit that can be used with its plate processing systems. It features a filtering system that recycles approximately 85 percent of the water used in plate processing, with only the remaining waste as a slurry or sludge to be disposed of. A portion of the additive used in the water wash remains in the filtered water, reducing the amount of additive required for processing subsequent plates.
Asahi Photoproducts continues the path toward an accountable sustainability program for its flexo plates and strives to soon achieve a carbon neutral status for the AWP-DEW in partnership with the Carbon Trust. 
Ashe Converting Equipment is taking the opportunity to showcase its Opal off-line turret (OLT) glueless turret rewinder. Visitors to the company’s booth can see live demonstrations of the machine, which also incorporates an automatic tail closure system along with automatic core loading.
The company is also showcasing its portfolio of slitting and rewinding equipment, including  Opal ISR, full 100 percent inspection slitter rewinders; Opal EC, entry-level model label inspection slitter rewinders; Opal ILT, in-line turret rewinders; Opal LCL, full rotary label converting lines; Opal ALCL, full rotary label converting lines with automatic turret rewinders, and Solitaire, mid-web duplex slitter rewinder for shrink films, wraparound labels and flexible packaging.
Ashe is also promoting the range of wide web slitter rewinders for converters of pressure sensitive products and flexible packaging.

Anytron shows an integration of digital printing and laser die-cutting with its 13in in-line label press Any-Jet III. Labelexpo Americas is the first trade show where Anytron’s new press is on display after its launch in 2022. Any-Jet III is designed as a turnkey, in-line, and dual-function product with print station for label and flexible packaging, lamination, and a laser die-cutter for label producers. It is suitable for label printers, print providers, brand owners, packaging companies, and commercial printers. Users are also offered an optional thermal lamination unit and an in-line sheeter. 
AV Flexologic celebrates 50 years of innovation, introducing new and upgraded technology for the corrugated market, wide and narrow-web. Visitors at its stand 3701 in Hall C can see personalized demos of its high-end equipment during the show.
The company showcases the Automatic SAMM 2.0 800, the next generation automatic mounting machine for the flexo narrow-web industry. SAMM 2.0 flexo plate mounter is said to automatically mount a flexo plate in less than one minute with accuracy, repeatability and speed. Live demonstrations of the SAMM 2.0 800 are shown at the exhibition.
Avery Dennison is looking at four key sub themes and grouping of products and services within its booth. The company showcases upgraded services designed to support businesses to reduce waste, help customers manage orders, and quickly create custom products. Avery Dennison showcases new adhesives, topcoats, overlaminates and label technologies. The company also presents technologies and materials designed to enable plastic recycling as well as materials that contain recycled content. Finally, Avery Dennison is also showing its ‘connected’ technology and how it fits into the future of labeling. 
Baldwin Technology introduces its latest print inspection technologies, along with its full portfolio of products for labels and packaging, including color and inspection, UV and LED-UV curing technology and corona treatment systems.
Meeting ongoing customer demand, Baldwin is launching the Guardian PQV 100 percent print inspection version 4.0, designed and manufactured to help printers achieve print quality and reduce material waste.
These state-of-the-art camera systems can provide single or dual sided 100 percent print quality inspection for any application, ranging from high-volume label production with variable data to inspecting the challenging security print applications with features such as UV fluorescent, fiber inspection, IR covert, optically variable devices and inks, and magnetic inks.
The Guardian PQV is designed for ease of use, reducing the need for operator training and minimizing the problem of press staff turnover.
Visitors to Baldwin’s booth can also find products from its Vision Systems segment, comprising the advanced color management and inspection technology. Baldwin Vision Systems print inspection and defect tracking workflows help to eliminate defects from outgoing products, providing quality to brand owners. 
Berhalter presents a new Swiss Die-Cutter B6, delivering 500 strokes per minute. The machine digitally die-cuts with maximum precision, featuring individually controlled die-cutting motion, flexibly adjustable opening level of the punching tool, digitally monitored penetration depth and a new active foil guide built into the punching tool.
Also at the company’s stand is the new CUTcontrol technology, which can link all production processes and provide the KPIs for strategic production planning, including live data streams from machine, accessories, and punching tools.
Breit Technologies showcases its eco-friendly cast and cure films, in which a decorative, clear holographic pattern or matte finish is applied to a printed substrate, such as labels. Unlike laminated holography or cold and hot foils, the cast-and-cure film can be re-used up to a dozen times. Additionally, the cast-and-cure process does not use any adhesives or metals, so that it doesn’t affect labels’ recyclability.
Bar Graphic Machinery, in association with its distributor, J&J Converting Machinery, showcases the latest range of BGM Elite machines, including BGM Elite iSR, a  compact, robust, and free-standing label inspection slitter rewinder. The company also showcases the BGM Elite eDSR Easy Load die-cut slitter rewinder, the company’s fastest, compact, free-standing label die-cutting technology. It offers rotary die-cutting capability up to 250m/min and is also available for use as a conventional slitter rewinder.
Brotech shows the SDD330 laser die-cutter, SDF Plus 330 converting system, and SMS500 seaming system. The SDD330 laser die-cutter supports lamination and roll-to-sheet operation. The SDF Plus 330 converting system is designed for multiple processes in one pass, including hot foil stamping, flexo printing/cold foil, screen printing, varnishing, die-cutting and slitting. It features a 90-degree rotatable hot stamping head, which can apply a maximum of three foils  simultaneously, including hologram foils. 
The SMS500 shrink sleeve seaming system is specially designed for flexible packaging and can reach a maximum seaming speed of up to 400m/min.
Cartes showcases the Cartes Jet D-Screen digital embellishment system combined with the company’s laser die-cutting system. The Jet D-Screen module is designed to create labels with multilayer effects, spot coating, complex tactile effects, braille printing, and detailed foiling and metallic doming.
The Jet D-Screen includes a high degree of process automation, including automatic job changeover with barcode reading, automatic slitting knife positioning, and turret rewinding systems.
The company also promotes its GT360 Series for the conventional embellishment of high-end labels.
Cerm presents smart management information software (MIS) products for industrial print shops. Cerm MIS potentially increases the productivity of label and packaging converters with its focus on the technical production process and specific interfaces to its partners within the printing industry.
Channeled Resources Group is showcasing the Frost AT technology, along with its release liner products and value-priced pressure-sensitive label stock at booth #1211.
With a service temperature range from -65° F to 147° F and a minimum application temperature of -8° F, Frost AT is suitable for extremely hot and cold label applications and application environments. Additionally, it offers excellent adhesion to polyolefin and paper substrates. Frost AT reduces label peel in the most challenging label applications while also performing well at room temperature.
Comet Flexographic Machines exhibits its top-selling machine, the Comet SL16-UV, a compact, stack-format flexo press with UV varnish and cold-foil.
Colop, a manufacturer of modern stamp and marking devices, presents e-mark, a mobile printer based on inkjet technology that works in combination with a free, in-house developed software for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. A wide range of materials can be marked including carton, fabrics, certain plastics and labels.
The application enables users to design color prints, including logos, automated date and time stamps and QR codes or barcodes.  
Colordyne Technologies introduces the 3800 Series WB (water base), a sustainable water-based inkjet engine utilizing a Kyocera mechanical piezo printhead technology ideal for food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 
Expanding its strategic partnership with Kao Collins, the new development leverages the proven high quality performance of Colordyne’s 3800 Series UV engine design and that of Kao’s LunaJet inks to create an eco-friendly, water-based inkjet product for digital printing on labels, plastic flexible film packaging and other non-porous substrates. The company will be also showcasing its new cooperation with Fiery Impress.
Cyngient and Imageworx have joined forces to unveil security labeling and brand protection innovations the companies have jointly developed.
Showcasing the advancements of high-speed microscopic flexo security printing – utilizing high-definition inks from Cyngient and enhanced resolution printing plates from Imageworx – Labelexpo attendees will be able to view new ultra-fine lines printed in decorative, intricate, and precise patterns. These security labels hold line weights below 5 microns in thickness, plus positive type printing as low as 0.3 pt and reverse type at 0.4 pt on a 1200x microscope.
Also, at the show, Cyngient and Imageworx showcase an accumulation of various high-security in-line flexo additions. On display will be Liquid Silver Flip, shapeshifting cold foil technology from Wavefront Technologies, and Lumachrome, a color-shifting security foil from Meta Materials that features triple-layered micro-motion barrier effects, iridescent security varnish, and plasmonic metamaterial arrays.
In addition, Labelexpo attendees can witness the latest advancements in Micro Optical Array printing for brand protection labeling.
Dantex Group launches its next generation of digital inkjet technology.
Dantex representatives are available to discuss the ever-popular Pico range consisting of the, new PicoColour HD, PicoJet 254, PicoJet 330i, and their flagship PicoJet 330s high-speed model. All PicoJet models feature modular stations including flexo, die-cutting, cold foiling, lamination, edge trimming, back scoring, and rotary or shear slitting.
Customers can also benefit from Pico’s SuperWhite, offering inkjet white at an opacity of 92 percent in a single pass, along with a new orange. Dantex also promotes a wide range of its plate processing and cleaning equipment, letterpress and flexo plate materials, along with tapes and sleeves.
Daco Solutions together with its partner Flexo Export, exhibits a Daco PLR350 slitter rewinder with a three-spindle semi-automatic turret rewinder. The patented PLR is available with web widths of 250mm (10in), 350mm (13.75in) and 430mm (17in). The machine is available with inspection table, vision system and rotary die station for plain label production and a large capacity unwind to keep roll changes to a minimum. 
The Daco TD 350/430 fully automatic turret rewinder to produce plain labels is manufactured with 1m (40in) unwinds, one or two rotary die stations and a four-spindle turret rewinder. With the addition of one or two flexo stations, the machine can produce finished rolls in one pass. Drying options include UV, IR and LED, along with options of UV inkjet systems for barcodes and variable data work. 
Davis Standard provides information on its equipment for film manufacturing, liquid coating, extrusion coating, slitting, unwinding, and winding. Davis Standard offers custom-built, high-output production lines for the label industry, whether it be adhesive-coated labels, silicone-coated liners, or converting.  
DCM presents its most recent developments, including Super Tigre, a new fully automatic double turret slitter rewinder operating up to 3,280 ft/min with automatic slit positioning, cores taping and core positioning. 
DCM also shows Sleeve Intense, a non-stop seamer with an automatic sleeve monitoring system, automatic solvent needle web guide, seaming line control, quality control in-line and defect identification. 
Also on display is the Babycat, DCM’s inspection and doctoring machine, now also available with a Decosystem camera to monitor the seaming line and its thickness. 
Delta Modtech shows the newly updated Crusader Converter running a precision RFID antennae placement demo. A second Crusader Converter will feature Edge Laser Technology with barcode reader integration, allowing for on-the-fly cut pattern changeover. In Domino’s booth, visitors will also find a Delta Spectrum finishing machine with an integrated Domino K600i. This demonstration features seamless integration of Domino’s inkjet technology, coupled with tight tolerance and high-speed die-cutting.
Demak Group demonstrates its Kromex technology for manufacturing 3D emblems and decals for applications ranging from automotive to marine, Five different finishes are available including Chrome, matte, colored, transparent and ABS. Demak also shows doming machines to give labels a 3D effect and outdoor resistance guaranteed over eight years.
The Demak PM line is equipped with continuous vacuum technology to avoid air bubbles and an XYZ robot for dosing resin on complex shapes with very high accuracy.
Dip Co demonstrates its quick change flexo pan liner technology developed for digital and in-line press equipment. The company also promotes its line of bio-friendly, non-conductive ink pan liner and catch tray inserts spanning all segments of the print industry. Products support all inks and coatings, from water-based to UV, and are solvent safe.
Dimatra presents a new model of its labels inspection and slitter rewinder machine for 100 percent inspection and high-speed slitting. The machine has 450mm (17.71in) width, running at 500m/min (1,640 ft/min) and is programmed to stop automatically on a splicing table before slitting, where an operator can cut the web, remove the defects manually or rewind a specific distance on a special rewinder for defective material. The machine is designed for inspection and slitting labels with a liner, wraparound labels, shrink films for shrink sleeves and others.
Dimatra also exhibits the Sleeve Seamer Eco, a compact and efficient machine designed for short runs of sleeves with quick setup. It can produce sleeves up to 200 mm (7.87in) running at 120m/min (393 ft/min).
Also on show is a fully servo-driven Sleeve Cutter machine, able to make 350 cuts per minute with horizontal and vertical perforation systems. The cutting can be controlled by a pre-set distance or by programming its printing sensor.
Dilli shows Neo Picasso, its new digital inkjet label press, which includes upgraded web control technology for more precise printing. With CMYK plus two spot colors (orange and violet) and double white as options, maximum print width of 330mm, it covers a wide range of labels and flexible packaging. The latest version of Neo Picasso is equipped with a corona treater, chiller, pin-curing system and full-color variable data printing capability.
Domino debuts its N730i digital UV inkjet label press and showcases its N610i and K600i in booth 6523.
Domino shows its N730i digital UV inkjet label press for the first time. The press prints at 1200 dpi with BITSTAR print head technology. It is configurable in up to seven colors (CMYKOVW) and can achieve up to 92 percent of the Pantone color range. Its ergonomic design is automated with roll lifts at the unwind and rewind and supporting media rolls of up to 1 meter in diameter. It has an optional flexo priming station (pre-digital), which can be retrofitted to optimize print quality on more difficult media types. An optional flexo station (post-digital) can be retrofitted to support varnishing, a brand spot color, or flood white for shrink sleeve applications.   
Domino also exhibits its N610i digital UV inkjet label press, a 600x600 native dpi digital UV inkjet label press available in up to seven colors (CMYKOVW) in roll-to-roll, roll-to-inline / nearline, and hybrid configurations. The K600i dual bar digital UV inkjet printer is also on display. The K600i allows variable data printing at up to 492 ft/min and the ability to print serial, batch, random, or PINs; alphanumeric characters; variable images; linear barcodes; 2D matrix, or QR codes.
DPR Labeling debuts two new roll-to-roll digital converting machines for mid to high-volume label production.The Taurus laser finishing system operates at speeds up to 30m/min. Eliminating the need for conventional die plates, this high-speed laser system has the power to produce any shape on rolls up to 350mm (13.8in) wide. Capable of laminating, cutting, slitting, removing matrix, and rewinding, this all-in-one system allows users to customize jobs and deliver on demand. 
The Aries semi-rotary label finishing system is built for rolls ranging from 250mm (9.8in) up to 330mm (13in). Production speeds are up to 20m/min.
DuPont focuses on high-performing innovative technologies to address label converters' challenges to achieve their sustainability, productivity, and quality goals.
Visitors can learn more about Cyrel Fast, a thermal platemaking system that consists of a thermal processor and a large variety of photopolymer printing plates for flexible packaging, labels and other applications.
The company also promotes the award-winning DuPont Cyrel Lightning plates delivering productivity and quality. The new plate family is optimized for UV-LED exposure units to use this system’s capabilities fully. The benefits of the plates include a further optimized match between access time and plate performance without compromising print quality.
Durico shows a range of direct thermal film and inkjet-compatible label facestocks. New films will include phenol-free products with increased heat stability and highly-resistant ones suitable for harsh environments such as solvent, alcohol, hot water and meat blood. Durico also presents its translucent direct thermal films with enhanced transparency, providing a frosted look to the see-through food label. Also presented are highly durable inkjet PP films, BS5609 and GHS-compliant, and inkjet DuPont Tyvek suitable for use with color inkjet printing systems.
Durst Group showcases its Tau RSC printer series. New features increase the productivity of the flagship printer, the Tau RSCi, with a print width of up to 20in and a print speed of 328 ft/min, and this will be shown for the first time at a trade show. Customers can also experience the power of the Durst Workflow Label and how intelligent software helps reduce ink consumption.
Eaglewood Technologies introduces the Sitexco Label L10 anilox cleaning system, based on the award-winning Sitexco laser anilox system. The L10 is a slimmed-down version especially designed for narrow web printers. This technology does not require chemicals or water and doesn’t generate waste.
ef cooling presents Evo-series chillers, which include two circuits for the simultaneous cooling of two processes with only one chiller, reducing the necessary footprint and providing more floor space for manufacturing. Additionally, these chillers feature exclusive ef connect, a fast, transparent and secure support line providing remote online analysis and troubleshooting by ef cooling service experts.
Eclipse Label Equipment is exhibiting three new digital label cutters and laminators. The Eclipse LF350HS model handles media widths up to 350mm (13.5in). It offers up to 25 percent increase in productivity with the optional second cutting head and automatic pattern changeover from the barcode reading system. The 350HS offers a smaller footprint and is designed as a desktop model. 
The Eclipse LF220HS offers the same productivity as the 350HS while handling media widths up to 220mm (8.5in) with an increased production speed and the ability to be operated as an in-line system. 
Eclipse also demonstrates full in-line printing and digital label finishing system with the Epson C6500 full-color printer, Eclipse ACU-1+ accumulator, the Eclipse Mini+ laminator and digital finishing systems for short-run label production from plain media to a final label.
Epson showcases the SurePress L-6534VW UV press available with digital varnish or orange ink. The digital varnish offers spot varnish, simulated foiling, and embossing, all in-line with label production. Orange ink has a 92 percent Pantone coverage certification within Delta E of 1.5. The L-6534VW models automates maintenance and checking of the printheads during the production day without operator intervention.
The SurePress L-4733AW water-based resin press builds on the success of its predecessor, to deliver labels suitable for food product packaging, including PS labels, IML, shrink, and candy wrappers. 
Epson also showcases the P-, R- and S-Series printers for proofing, prototyping, and large-size label production up to 63in width, as well as its ColorWorks color inkjet desktop label printers that handle on-demand jobs in tough production line environments.
Esko showcases how its latest innovations deliver workflow improvements to boost both digital print productivity and operational efficiencies. The company demonstrates how its portfolio of hardware and software enables businesses to better digitize, automate and connect to accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods.
The company showcases innovations in ArtPro+ including printing unit support and repeat layout creation, as well as folding carton improvements, a new usage dashboard, and enhanced WebCenter usability features improving ease of use and maximizing productivity and efficiency.
At the heart of the Esko booth, the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS, in combination with the new Flexo Engine module, demonstrates how digitization in flexo production also boosts efficiency while delivering the best quality plates.
Underlining the benefit of automated processes, Esko also demonstrates its AVT Helios line, an automatic 100 percent inspection system designed for labels and other narrow web printing applications, which automatically inspects the printed web for defects and imperfections, delivering exceptional quality results and eliminating customer rejections.
Erhardt+Leimer’s core competence is based on camera and sensor technology, providing systems and process control equipment to web-based industries, including textile, converting, battery, printing, corrugating, non-woven, paper manufacturing, tire, rubber, plastics and packaging. The product range includes web guiding, web tension control, web monitoring, web inspection systems, web thickness and basis weight measurement systems.
Esterlam, the company that developed one of the world’s first synthetic doctor blades, exhibits advanced laminated synthetic doctor blades with precision engineered edge profiling for specialist coating applications.
EyeC features a wide range of systems during live demonstrations at booth 1337 and in cooperation with partners. Visitors to the stand can learn more about the EyeC ProofRunner 100 percent print inspection technology available for printing presses and rewinders with up to 68in (1.70m) web width. On display are also two EyeC Proofiler print sample inspection systems for sample sizes up to 50x36in (1,270x915mm), along with innovations that reflect the company’s future-oriented, creative, and pioneering approach.
Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is exhibiting for the first time at Labelexpo Americas and brings together all of the Fedrigoni brands under one banner. Visitors can experience new products and services, which are a direct result of the acquisitions over the past two years and the synergies of Acucote, Arconvert, Manter, Ritrama, IP Venus and Tageos. 
Unique products at the booth include the Fedrigoni Art of Luxury portfolio for wine and open and close wet wipes for home and personal care. For food and beverage converters, Fedrigoni showcases WOff, a Wash Off Adhesive that is expected to be certified by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) and provides debonding of non-recyclable label materials from PET and glass containers. Lastly, in the Smart Labeling section of the booth, visitors can discover the Tageos portfolio of high-performance, premium-quality RFID inlays and tags.
Fix-a-Form International presents a Fold & Fix booklet label machine with a 16.5in web width and the capability to handle 0.75 to 15in leaflet lengths at up to 100 ft/min in multiple modes of operation.
Folding unit mode enables in-line folding of leaflets during the affixing process in a single pass pile feeder mode for feeding pre-folded leaflets, booklets, or other items onto the web to produce leaflet labels. 
The machine features lamination or glue-only options and an adjustable pre-curve roller, while the web tracking via servocontrolled side adjustment enables pre-printed laminates to be laid down in register. The hot melt glue and steering unit is fully programmable for discrete solid or dashed transverse glue lines or 100 percent surface coating.
FLEXcon showcases products for consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and durable labeling.
FLEXcon optiflex ecofocus products have been developed to maximize the recyclability of PET and HDPE containers, enabling print service providers and brands to achieve sustainability and performance to meet the demands of consumer packaging. Applications include food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, and household chemical. V-52RE wash-off adhesive on BOPP films separates from PET flake in the reclaim process, increasing the amount of rPET available for future use, while PE films with V-127RE adhesive ensure
performance and recyclability of HDPE containers.
FLEXcon pharmcal are compliant products for a diverse range of pharmaceutical containers and performance requirements, including ampules, vials and syringes, security, blood bag, conceal, and over the counter. Consistent quality and performance are assured with FLEXcon’s four-stage change management process.
FLEXcon nexgen for durable labeling will also be on display. FLEXcon specializes in UL-, cUL-, and CSA-recognized materials intended to bond permanently to surfaces and withstand exposure to harsh environments for the lifetime of durable equipment such as power tools, outdoor power equipment, and heavy machinery. 
Flexo Wash introduces the FW 850 laser anilox cleaner. The FW 850 series models clean up to two narrow web rolls in one cycle and can be installed without water supply, drain, or safety equipment. It can handle aniloxes up to 7in in diameter, 27.6in length and 110lbs weight. 
Flxon showcases its latest doctor blades, ink pumps, and filters. The latest blade from Swedcut has been specially developed for durability and precise ink metering at high speeds. 
Flint Group Narrow Web presents a new series of products focused on making products recyclable, called Evolution. At booth 5703, the company shows its Evolution Primer and Evolution varnish along with DualCure technology, a new technology that lowers operating costs and energy consumption when using LED curing technology. Evolution Primer is a de-inking primer for shrink sleeve label printing that makes it possible to recycle the sleeve label material at the same time as the bottle. Evolution Varnish ensures that the inks remain on the label throughout the recycling process.
Formic presents Robotics-as-a-Service, helping factories start automating without the high cost, complexity, or risk typically required to onboard the technology. Formic delivers customized robot systems from leading vendors at a low hourly rate with no upfront investments, including everything from planning and deployment to maintenance and upgrades.
Fujifilm showcases multiple ‘Go Green’ printing products for the label and packaging segment. The company shows its Illumina LED Curing System and 300 Series Inks, a two-part system consisting of an LED curing unit and specially formulated LED inks that easily convert existing water-based or UV flexo presses to boost productivity and reduce energy costs by 86 to 95 percent.
The company also shows its Flenex Water-Wash plates and processors. The plates are 100 percent solvent-free and provide high quality at fast production times while lowering cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent, or other water-wash technology.
Also on display is ColorPath Sync cloud-based color management software, providing one location to manage color for multiple workflows, devices, and media.
Fuji Shoko promotes Katana, a ceramic-coated doctor blade model rebranded for the US market. Non-coated steel or stainless-steel models are also available for ordinary conditions. Katara series are fully processed in Japan.
GEW brings its latest UV LED products to Labelexpo Americas. LeoLED, released in 2019, is GEW’s water-cooled UV LED offering and is fully compatible with GEW’s ArcLED hybrid system. It has a 50mm-wide window to give a long dwell time and is waterproof-sealed for easy cleaning and resilience to dust and ink. The LED array delivers electrical power of 88W/cm and an intensity of 30W/cm2, with minimal light loss due to the direct UV path. 
GEW says LeoLED is suitable for users who want access to UV Arc and UV LED technology, those with more demanding applications, or those who want to print on substrates wider than 600mm. 
GEW also highlights AeroLED, a fully air-cooled UV LED system released in 2022. It is a high-power UV LED system for full cure, printing, coating and converting applications up to 600mm wide. AeroLED delivers power and reliability with a unique concept that eliminates many of the operational problems in existing air-cooled LED systems on the market. Moreover, the company says the design makes AeroLED cost-effective and step changes the accessibility of LED printing.
Global Graphics Software is launching SmartMedia. This major upgrade to the SmartDFE digital front end for label and packaging presses, removes complexity from the process of color profiling to ensure the best quality and color output from the press.
SmartDFE provides a full software and hardware stack, built around the award-winning Harlequin Direct RIP technology that has been designed to drive the fastest, widest and highest inkjet presses. It is capable of processing fully variable data at high speeds and communicating out to the wider smart print factory, providing valuable information for QA and inspection, press maintenance, and stock control.
It enables inkjet engineering teams to get to market quickly with a future-proofed, high-performance product, whilst allowing them the space and capability to add their own value.
SmartMedia is a new suite of components that simplifies the process of obtaining the best quality and color output from a digital press. Powered by the award-winning PrintFlat and enhanced with powerful color tools from ColorLogic, recently acquired by Hybrid Software Group, SmartMedia packages all the OEM’s reference press settings for each media and ink set into a library of media definitions and, via a wizard-like experience, enables press operators to easily select the appropriate media and ink set combination without needing specialist knowledge.
GMG Color, the developer behind a suite of market-leading color management tools for the print, label and packaging industries, is showcasing predictive multi-channel profiling and ink-saving tools.
The company is inviting attendees to explore its GMG ColorServer bundle, complementary software designed to drive ink and time savings through smarter color management automation.
At its booth, GMG Color encourages visitors to get hands-on with printed color-accurate prototype samples, produced with its latest range of equipment. The samples demonstrate that with the right color management and proofing software in place, pin-sharp precision across varying substrates and inks can be made simple.
Grafisk Maskinfabrik exhibits six machines, including the new DC350Flex high speed label finisher fitted with a multi-web module producing multilayer labels using the entire web width. Also, the DC330Mini compact label finisher can be seen converting pre-printed labels. It has several options such as real-time monitoring, full remote control, and job data in the cloud.
Visitors can also see the SR350 slitter inspection rewinder, which has been completely redesigned as a modular machine with a range of options such as BST 100 percent inspection camera for pharma and security labels, scanner barcode reader, inkjet system, automatic slitting unit, waste vacuum ejector and turret rewinder. Visitors can also see the LR250 label inspection rewinder. Also on show is the CC160S semi-automatic core cutter and the CS350 high-speed sheeter, a 350 mm roll-to-sheet guillotine cutter suitable for cutting labels and heavy materials.
Grafotronic presents three world premieres for the label industry. The workflow automation suite enables the Grafotronic DCL2 to do job change autonomously, handling all job settings automatically. IQ works with a set of cameras monitoring the web and automatically adjusting parameters, taking over all the manual adjustments with a tolerance below +/- 0.1 mm.
Grafotronic also promotes The One single anvil semi-rotary die, capable of reaching  150 m/min. It can be set up within just 30 cm of material with a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm.
Also on show is the HI3 inspection rewinder with the Choose Green program. This features a regenerative system which captures braking energy and converts it into power, making the system approximately 30 percent more energy efficient.
Grafotronic is also showcasing Boon-Tech auxiliary machines, including boon|Rebel, a small (1.2 m footprint) digital finisher; boon|Raptor, a high-speed label cutter and boon|Velox automatic core cutter.
Gulf Pack Americas introduces its new, sustainable BOPP film range for in-mold labels, focusing on the injection molding process. Also on display is a range of pressure-sensitive labels, cut&stack labels and wraparound labels.
HanGlobal presents the next-generation industrial UV inkjet printer LabStar330S with the 6S advantage technology (‘Super, Smart, Stable, Standard, Save and Safe’). The new printer offers printing speeds of up to 50 m/min printing and 600 DPI resolution, which increases the productivity and quality of the label products.
During the changeover the new machine responds in time with no downtime. The Smart Save function helps to reduce waste to achieve more value with 90 percent Pantone color matching with CMYK only and super smooth single white with 75 percent opacity. 
The company is promoting the next-generation LabStar330S Hybrid with added flexo and converting modules. The new design means ‘uplifts the UV inkjet to a whole new level’. 
Harper exhibits its patent-pending Xtreme Channelled Application Technology (X-CAT), a product that combats ink spitting, moiré, trail edge voids (TEV), ghosting, and ink re-solubility at high speeds. It also makes the anilox easier to clean and allows particles to pass through rather than being trapped behind the blade, reducing or eliminating scoring. X-CAT works with UV, water-based and/or solvent inks and performs well in applications including process printing, the 60-degree hex, UV narrow web, solvent wide-web, UV mid-web, and water-based narrow web. 
Heidelberg Gallus discusses its new digital UV inkjet web press, Gallus One, along with its entire line of flexo web presses, Screeny and flexo consumables.
Based on the Labelfire digital web press and the Labelmaster overall platform, the Gallus One is a 340mm wide roll-to-roll UV inkjet press printing at 70m/min at 1,200 DPI in four colors plus white.  
Gallus also showcases its line of rotary silkscreen for screen units. Gallus Screeny is said to offer its customers a wide range of products for screen-printing applications. According to the company, Screeny, and its line of pre-press products, are suitable for both Gallus and non-Gallus screen units.
Heraeus Noblelight America showcases infrared and UV LED curing systems suitable for a wide range of label applications, including drying water-based inks, curing UV inks and pressure-sensitive adhesives. 
Infradry Compact IR modules for drying water-based inks and coatings combine IR heat with air management to remove moisture from the process area. The compact, modular unit retrofits easily into existing offset, flexo and digital presses or onto paper, foil and other coating lines. 
The Semray UV4103 UV LED curing system is a modular air-cooled, easy-to-configure system for different printing, coating, or adhesive curing widths. In addition, advanced micro-optics enable larger working distances without significantly reducing the print area’s intensity. The plug-and-play modular segments are easy to swap in and out of the backplane, whether for maintenance purposes or to change wavelengths. 
HP Indigo is showcasing the HP Indigo V12 digital press to the public for the first time. The press, rooted in the HP Indigo industry-winning formula, utilizes the new LEPx technology to create the new math of label printing with earning power exceeding multiple Flexos. 
The company says that label converters operating this press will outgrow the label market by a factor of three. This allows brands to benefit from an agile and sustainable supply chain without compromising print quality or packaging innovation.
HP is running live demonstrations of the HP Indigo V12 and the HP Indigo 6K digital presses, the backbone of the digital label space, at the designated booth site, as well as different automation technologies, new business opportunities and innovation from the lab.
Hubergroup Print Solutions introduces the I-Ray UV flexographic ink system available for conventional mercury bulb UV curing and I-Ray Max dual-cure for both UV LED and mercury bulb UV curing. I-Ray and I-Ray Dual Cure UV ink systems utilize the latest advancements in energy curable technology, including high strength, low viscosity and compatibility with most substrates, including labels, flexible packaging and shrink films.
Hubergroup also shows UV and LED curable coatings. The Hydro-X line of water-based inks is optimized for label, folding carton, bag and flexible packaging printing applications. The inks are imprintable, scuff, rub, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant. 
Hubergroup also showcases a comprehensive line of water-based coatings.
Hybrid Software showcases its recent acquisition of iC3D by showing 3D visualization throughout the entire prepress process. At booth 3015, Hybrid Software and iC3D will join its Hybrid Software Group sister companies, including Global Graphics Software ColorLogic, Xitron and Meteor Inkjet.
Hybrid Software will showcase version 8 of Packz, its native PDF editor. Enhancements include complex layered artwork that can now be viewed in color and wired modes simultaneously, and object-based screenings can be inspected per separation. The Smart Flattener guarantees artwork quality and consistency, professionally managing spot color and transparency interactions as well as press gamut conversions. Pactions is a programmed toolset with action lists, responding to customer needs for advanced automation. It reduces the amount of operator time needed to edit, approve, 
and print a new package design. 
Also on display will be Stepz 8, an interactive software package based on the award-winning technology of Packz, which allows for the preparation and execution of step-and-repeat and variable data tasks for high-speed digital printing of labels. Hybrid Software also presents Cloudflow, SmartDFE and variable data printing technology. 
IMDA brings a team of experts in in-mold processes as the association’s members will be present in the booth, ready to answer questions about labels, substrates, molding processes and more. New this year is the IMDA Ask the Experts resource book, with IMDA members listed by category for easy access to their knowledge and resources in in-mold labeling (IML), in-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold electronics (IME). The association also has information on the recyclability of the in-mold processes; in-mold labeling was recently designed 
as a ‘preferred’ process for consumer packaging by the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR).
Infigo specialists are on hand to show label converters how to build and scale a thriving online brand through its web-to-print technology. From creating a functional storefront, with unique, eye-catching designs, to the modules and integrations that provide a seamless customer experience and printing workflow, to the strategies that improve conversions and enable scale – Infigo provides the insight label converters need to know to generate online revenue.
International Media Products showcases its most recent thermal transfer ribbon addition, the Z200+ wax/resin, offering image durability, abrasion resistance, and high-speed printing capability. As a US-based manufacturer,  IMP offers a full line of ‘plug and play’ thermal ribbon technologies for the barcode label and tag printing market. Additionally highlights its flexible package printing ribbons, used for thermal transfer overprinting, including the new 4.0-micron extended length product line. All IMP formulations are halogen-free and ROHS compliant.

INX International Ink is featuring many of its products and new equipment, including INXFlex Contour a UV and LED dual cure flexographic ink system that produces shrink sleeve labels.
INXFlex Contour piggybacks off Genesis washable label inks. A recycle-friendly ink system, it recently added a new flexo version and UV curable primer that makes INXFlex Contour washable too.
INX partnered with VerifyMe announced the development of VerifyInk, a covert ink technology to help provide brand protection of products in the marketplace. The newest addition to the security inks product line runs on direct-to-product continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. When used in tandem with VerifyMe’s proprietary and patented reading devices, it can identify counterfeit products across all markets including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage, says the company.
INXShield UV Flexo and GS Slip coatings represent the first in a new line of functional coatings for packaging applications. Formulated with BioCote antimicrobial technology to protect the coating by inhibiting odor and staining microbes on the surface, INXShield is validated and quality control tested regularly by an independent testing facility using the ISO 22196:2011 test method.
The Triangle brand of XJL UV Curable Inkjet inks follow in the tradition of exceptional alternative ink products.
The NW350 is the newest addition to the narrow web series of UV Digital Label printers, designed to combine printing and conversion to produce brilliant color printed labels at a maximum printing width of 350mm or 13.78 in, the NW350 delivers single pass output up to 160 ft/min on any label stock. This product includes quality inks, making it ideal for printers looking to meet the demand for productive, short-run digital printing.

Click here for more information.

JM Heaford demonstrates its range of plate mounters. Visitors can see Heaford’s AutoMounter, the system which eliminates operator judgment from the mounting process and reduces press downtime. The Label AutoMounter is configurable for multiple presses and offers options including pre-register compatibility, plate and tape cutters and a sleeve exchange unit. The company also shows a semi-automatic FTS model plate mounter.
The Heaford ELS model completes the trio of plate mounters on the booth. The plate mounting system uses high magnification cameras used on all Heaford models. 
Karlville displays the Plus series machine combo, K3 Plus Seamer and iPlus Inspector. The K3 Plus is its third-generation seaming machine with folding system that addresses shrink sleeve seaming issues. It comes with a fully automated setup and feedback loop. The machine runs a +/-0.15mm lay flat tolerance with a friction-free forming system. Operators can position seam up to 5mm from fold. Laser perforation (cross and continuous perforations) integration with turret unwind and rewinds are optional. 
The iPlus is its latest inspection machine. It runs 500m/min and is equipped with an E+L oscillation system on both shafts, which allows to control the type (sine or square) and quantity of oscillation from the MMI. 
K Laser Technology showcases its multi-application cold foil substrate, Koldfoil One, and the industry’s first Cold Foil Design Lab. Koldfoil One is said to be the industry's only multi-application substrate covering three different printing applications (flexo,digital, and offset). According to K Laser, the metallized substrate is known to reduce inventory costs, increase uptime and product consistency, and improve purchasing logistics for label and packaging manufacturers. The company is also showing its new Cold Foil Design Lab. The design lab is located in Sarasota, Florida and equipped to assist with packaging ideation, specialty print mockups, digital embellishment equipment demonstrations, and technical education.
Klear Plastic Ventures (Klear) presents sustainable PET heat shrinkable film products. Crystallizable TopGreen film is recognized by The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for meeting or exceeding their Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures requirements (PET-CG-02). These films are claimed to pass through the PET bottle recycling process without clumping or negatively impacting the material flow. Sleeve labels made with crystallizable PET film allow recyclability of post-consumer PET bottles. Klear also supplies films made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. CO2 emissions are claimed to be reduced by 19 percent during the manufacturing process compared to virgin polyester films produced from petroleum. 
Kocher+Beck shows the latest motorized GapMaster unit. The new GapMaster EM and the EM Retrofit offer the ability to change the increments of adjustment down to as small as 0.25 microns if required. The system also incorporates a job-saving function and the ability to set a limit on the range of adjustment allowed. The GapMaster EM has a user-friendly calibration function and a home/start function that can be set by the customer. The EM Retrofit has the same functions as the EM GapMaster but can be retrofitted to all existing Kocher+Beck GapMaster units.
The range of flexible dies, TecScreen printing meshes, and magnetic cylinders will also be on show and showcased with a preview of a new magnetic tool incorporating HMT (Hidden Magnetic Technology). 
Konica Minolta unveils the AccurioLabel 400 five-color label press for the first time in the US, targeting mid- to high-volume label converters, commercial printers, and large brand owners. 
Important new developments include the ability to expand applications with white toner, extended job opportunities with press runs up to 3000m and improved productivity with print speeds of up to 130 ft/min. Other features include resolution equivalent to 3600x2400 DPI, prints on substrate widths up to 13in, multiple-touch panel monitors, and Intelligent Quality Optimizer. The IQ-520 enables real-time control of white toner opacity, color stability control, as well as automatic calibration, density adjustments and profile creation.
The company also showcases its AccurioLabel 230 label press, GM DC330 Mini all-in-one compact label finishing machine, PKG-1300 and AccurioPro front-end software.
Kroenert promotes coating and laminating lines for web materials such as paper, foil, film, cardboard and non-woven. The product range includes customized production and laboratory lines. Kroenert offers systems with web widths of up to 3,300mm, coating thicknesses of more than 1mm to a minimum of 100 nanometres and processing speeds from 0.5m/min up to 2,000m/min. Besides topics like digitalization in coating technology, the company will also focus on innovative user interfaces and sustainability.
KTI promotes the MTR Series of turret rewinder in web widths up to 22in (558mm), roll diameters up to 16in (406mm), and speeds up to 750 ft/min (228m/min). The MTR Series turret rewinder has four spindles, an integrated dancer for superior web control and PLC touch screen controls. In addition, a new roll closure system is available with in-line print and apply technology, allowing customers to add various product and production information to the roll closure labels, including product codes, lot numbers, job numbers and date of production. Additional options can be added, including automatic core loading and a slitting module.
Kurz showcases its DM-Uniliner and the MJETeco. The MJETeco from MPrint, a Kurz company, is a standalone UV inkjet product for late-stage customization. The MJETeco handles a wide variety of applications, whether users are printing barcodes or serial numbers for security labels, or complete back labels for wine and spirits. The company also demonstrates its Digital Metal technology. 
Label Traxx unveils its Version 9.0 workflow software. In response to ongoing industry consolidation, the Enterprise Edition will be previewed, offering a set of capabilities designed to serve the requirements of multi-site organizations. The company previews new CRM features with the Customer Service suite, including Rapid Quoting. The recently-added Inventory Forecast Tool provides the operations team insights and alternatives to respond to supply chain challenges in real-time from its Automated Planning & Scheduling Suite. The expanded team will also answer questions about new subscription plans and cloud hosting alternatives.
Lemorau presents a compact digital finishing machine, Smart-L, featuring software which allows for the import and export of job and production data. Lemorau Smart-L includes a linerless lamination station, semi-rotary/rotary die-cutting with pressure gauges, an Easy Strip Waste Rewinder to avoid breakage and strip intricate designs, a slitting unit equipped with six circular knives, air trim removal, and a semi-automatic turret rewinder. Also on display will be a Lemorau CT1500 core cutter and ER400 roll lifter.
LemuGroup exhibits its new off-line digital finishing and embellishment system MA-350, incorporating robotic roll packaging. Modular functions include spot varnishing, heavy-duty hot stamping and screen printing. The MA-350 system will be complemented with a GTU glueless turret rewinder and Lemu automatic robotic boxing system. As with all LemuGroup automation, it can be equipped to run on any digital or traditional flexo press.
Luminescence Sun Chemical Security, a member of the SunChemical-DIC group, promotes its HelioMark inks for brand authentication, including a comprehensive range of security inks and product authentication tools. 
Lundberg demonstrates Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor 140 label matrix waste removal system. It provides in-line waste handling of matrix and trim waste with adhesives from label presses. The MatrixCompactor 140 captures the matrix and trims directly from the press, and the cutter chops the waste into small-sized pieces for easy transport in the non-stick pipe system. The matrix waste is subsequently compacted in the integrated WasteCompactor. Lundberg waste handling experts are available to discuss central waste handling technology for label and flexible packaging providers.
Maan Engineering presents its hot-melt coating equipment. The company introduces visitors to its network of coating and converting specialists.
Mactac discusses its expanded technology, capacity, and adhesive formulation capabilities in booth 143. As part of Lintec, Mactac has also acquired Spinnaker, which specializes in the customized production and distribution of pressure-sensitive roll label and sheet base materials in North America. With Spinnaker, Lintec and Duramark Products (formally Ritrama USA and acquired by Mactac earlier in 2021) serving the industry together, Mactac delivers customers technology, capability, service and value. 
Mark Andy is showcasing a broad range of digital label presses from entry-level roll-to-roll printing to a sophisticated ‘True Digital Hybrid.’ Its newest digital press is configured as roll-to-roll with 5-colors CMYK and white and prints at speeds up to 130 ft/min. The press has a flexo-only option with the unique ability of running left to right or right to left. Also at the show is the Digital Series iQ inkjet press built on Mark Andy’s Evolution Series flexographic platform with award-winning web handling and digital integration. Completing the digital lineup is the Digital Series HD UV inkjet press with four flexo units, in-line varnish and die-cutting. Mark Andy’s new Production Monitoring and Analytics software, sMArt link, is also showcased. Rotoflex equipment includes VSI and VLI inspection rewinders and the new AT4 quick-change turret rewinder. The AT4 can be configured for in-line or off-line label finishing with auto core gluing and auto label closer as options. Mark Andy Print Products (MAPP) supports all demos with materials such as Dupont plates, tesa tape, performance doctor blades, various cleaners, racks, and roll lifting equipment. Booth visitors will have a chance to win an anilox roll rack, roll lifter and discount coupons for press room needs.   
Martin Automatic, a supplier of automatic butt splicers, exhibits the latest versions of its machine, including MBS unwind butt splicer and LRD transfer rewinder. 
The MBS supports non-stop unwinding of labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, laminates and light paperboard. The machine accommodates the automation of any web by featuring Martin Automatic’s patented linear sheer butt splice unit and integrated roll loading mechanism.
The LRD is a two-spindle non-stop transfer rewinder that features the same versatility and adaptability as the MBS but for the delivery end of the press. In addition to the automatic transfer, it features automatic unloading of finished rolls and is fitted with a slitting module that can accommodate automated differential winding.  
The MBS and LRD are available in web widths out to 710mm and diameters up to 1270mm.   

Meca, a Precision Roll Solutions company, displays lightweight, ergonomic print sleeves in booth 3000. Jamie Morales, Meca printing expert, is available on-site to help attendees compare a lightweight sleeve to the sleeves they have in their facility and describe how Meca’s proprietary design improves print quality and overall efficiency - from resin-saturated nonwovens that resist thermal expansion to a smooth-as-glass inside surface that holds the sleeve securely in place. Meca print sleeves are manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin, helping printers to avoid the unpredictability and rising costs that are inherent with overseas suppliers.

Merlin Technology presents humidification technology reducing electrostatic charges, dust and improving overall print quality and material handling in the press room. Merlin has its latest high-pressure system on display, which can be configured to the customers’ needs and is a perfect retrofit option for accurate humidity control. The system features low operating and maintenance costs with high reliability.
Meteor Inkjet showcases its portfolio of industrial products for labels and packaging, including a range of drive electronics for all major industrial inkjet printheads; ready-to-use digital front ends and workflow solutions; software development kits allowing custom printers to be built from the ground up; and a complete suite of tools and services to support machine builders in the design and optimization of print systems.
Michelman showcases a selection of water-based in-line and off-line primer and overprint varnishes for HP Indigo and inkjet-based printing platforms. All solutions are developed with sustainability and circular economy initiatives in mind. The company’s range of solutions for digital presses includes DigiPrime primers for HP Indigo, JetPrime primers for inkjet, and DigiGuard OPVs. Michelman will also feature DigiGuard Plus strengtheners that enhance HP-validated UV OPVs’ performance when combined with DigiPrime priming solutions for HP Indigo high-performance labels. In addition to its line of primers, OPVs and strengtheners for printing applications, Michelman also offers a line of barrier and functional coatings for flexible and rigid packaging applications. The company’s primers, barrier coatings, topcoats, and heat seal coatings are claimed to provide increased functionality while maintaining a sustainable package, with opportunities to reduce waste, provide product protection, and use fewer raw materials. 
Nastar promotes TwoFer Twin Signage, the latest fully-recyclable product in the sustainable, patented TwoFer Linerless Label Solutions product line. 
Comprised of two recyclable face sheets temporarily secured adhesive sides together until ready to be applied and no liner, TwoFer Twin Store Signage is used as labels or in-store signage for an end cap, wall, or aisle graphics. Both sides can be duplex printed in one pass flexographically or digitally in rolls and sheets.
Providing secure adhesion to most surfaces and easy removal when the promotion is over, other applications include TwoFer Shelf Talkers, recyclable, and back-to-back shelf tags. Patent Pending TwoFer FastFoldZ speed tag application at store level with no liner to discard. TwoFer ship/return labels for eCommerce distribution and TwoFer charity labels for fund solicitation utilize permanent adhesive versions.
Also on display are NAStar’s temporarily permanent and permanently removable T1055 temporary adhesive, linerless pressure sensitive including direct thermal stocked in DT printer ready rolls, laser paper and film products, and pattern coated products. 
Natural Ink, a flexo ink manufacturer, shows a portfolio of UV LED, UV, water and solvent inks. The company also promotes ‘ultra opaque’ whites to ‘ultra transparent’ colors for wine labels and special effects for premium labels. Also on display are its latest developments, such as food contact inks, high-performance OPV’s and eco-friendly options.
Nazdar Ink Technologies presents the range of inks developed for narrow-web printing applications. Experts with years of experience are on hand to explain the formulations behind its UV and LED flexo, UV offset and UV letterpress inks, water-based flexo, UV and LED rotary screen inks, and UV and LED overprint varnishes and adhesives – and how label businesses can benefit from them.
In particular, Nazdar is highlighting its latest LED curing Nestlé compliant inks, coatings, and adhesives. Additionally, the company will promote its new water-based flexible packaging inks.
NeuraLabel Printing Solutions unveils Callisto, an industrial desktop label printer ideal for short- to mid-run on-demand printing. Callisto is based on the HP A3 PageWide printhead technology and uses high-capacity, durable pigment ink. 
Nobelus , a supplier of thermal laminate for general commercial print, introduces a complete portfolio of specialty unsupported films, specifically designed for the prime label industry. Features a range of materials, textures, and visual effects, this portfolio offers prime label converters new lamination options with cost savings for gloss and matte finishes.
Highlights in the collection include the Rainbow Holografik Film, the completely plastic-free EcoElement CLS gloss and matte films, and Karess HE, a high-efficiency soft-touch film. Essential PlatinumOPP gloss and matte films, and an ultra-durable ScuffProof film round out the portfolio to cover all prime label applications.
OneVision´s workflow specialists showcase automated production processes using Label Automation Suite, which combines production planning with print file optimization. The user interface allows label printers to control and monitor their production with steps mapped as a ‘digital job ticket’ in the software.
Incoming print files are automatically checked by more than 130 criteria. Detected errors are automatically corrected and the files optimized for the individual requirements of the label production. Among other things, the software performs the following corrections: Creation of bleed and white/varnish masks, correction of cut lines, trimming to cutting dies.
In addition, the software places the labels on the web in an AI-based, efficient and material-saving manner. This can be done collected by job or customer, or across different jobs. Finished print files are transferred to the press. Files for embellishment and finishing are sent to the production machines. From order entry to printing, embellishment and finishing, the software offers maximum transparency and reliability for all production steps.
OneVision offers connections to common software systems or hardware components. Additional connections can be extended at any time.
Paper Resources reveals its new brand identity, which better communicates the range of offerings and expertise Pri+ represents. Along with its complete line of eight different specialty adhesives, Pri+ showcases its rugged label constructions with TimberTack hot-melt rubber-based adhesive. TimberTack soft adhesive can be applied to wood, burlap, corrugated packaging, carpet backing, HDPE, and even livestock.
Phoseon Technology introduces Nexus One sustainable UV LED curing products for flexographic printing applications. All Nexus One UV LED curing products from offer a 5-year warranty and enable quality applications at fast press speeds.
Polyart Group launches r-Polyart, which is claimed to be the first synthetic paper made of 30 percent post-consumer recycled material. r-Polyart looks and prints like 100 percent virgin material and has virtually the same mechanical properties, but has a lower carbon footprint, the company said. The Labelexpo floor map will be printed on this sustainable material to ensure a low carbon footprint for the show.
The company also launches Fiberskin, a weather-resistant paper, recyclable and biodegradable, printable by dry toner, for short-term outdoor exposure for industrial, VIP and prime labels, outdoor tags and signage.
Prati promotes its DigiFastone digital finishing line based on the company’s Futura field-upgradable open platform technology.
The line is fully digital from inkjet module to laser die cutting and turret rewind, and offers the capability to produce short-run promotional labels in the food and beverage, wine and spirits, cosmetics, personal care and home care sectors.
DigiFastone can produce tactile effects and textures, decorations and textures up to 130m, and Braille and Marburg Medium printing for pharmaceutical products. The system generates low wastage, reduces setup times, and offers a register accuracy of 0.15mm.
Prime UV-IR shows its latest products in booth 1402, including IR-AK1 Compant, an IR Dryer that combines the best of two drying technologies. The company also shows its MiniMax that minimizes UV cassette size while delivering maximum UV energy. Ink Mist Extractors that remove airborne contaminants and a LEDMax IP3 will also be on display.
Print IQ shows its end-to-end estimating, ordering, and production system, eliminating the need for workarounds and offering time saving and cost benefits. 
Qspac shows its soft touch overlaminate for digital printers and its holographic overlaminate, offering more decorative options to converters.
Re promotes its web guiding systems. Re web guides can be installed and calibrated through a user-friendly controller interface. The updated MWG.10.1 and SmartMotion web guide controllers are on display.
The SmartMotion is Re’s new web guide controller for small and medium size web guide systems. It brings the stepper motor and the driver technologies into a single device, allows a compact size, minimizes wiring needs, and control of the actuator stroke without using mechanical or electronic devices. 
Re also promotes tension control systems, pneumatic and electromagnetic powder brakes, safety chucks, shafts and web inspection systems.
Retroflex promotes the entire range of its custom built flexographic presses, reverse angle doctor blade systems, flexographic and gravure coaters, dryers, unwinds/rewinds, parts and consumables. For over three decades the company has designed and built many other custom equipment retrofits as well as its own line of standard flexographic presses, unwinds/rewinds, single- and two-sided coaters, pull roll sections, slitter sections and drying systems. Retroflex helps to drive quality and productivity to new levels and opens a world of cost-effective technologies, from flexographic presses and web handling to one-of-a-kind machinery design. 
Ricoh Electronics launches two new products: the new 150PRx PF Direct Thermal Label, providing resistance to medical applications such as soap, hand sanitizer, lotion and cleaning solutions; and the B125CS, its first general-purpose resin thermal transfer ribbon.
Along with high chemical resistance, 150PRx is Ricoh Electronics’ first completely phenol-free DT formulation. This formulation is 100 percent free of all BPA and BPS to ensure safe handling for converters and end users. 150PRx PF application areas include but are not limited to prescription labels, laboratory labels, and product ID labels.
With high adaptability to a range of materials, B125CS enables end users to use one ribbon for various labeling needs. B125CS is also said to maintain high resolution and sensitivity to achieve printer energy savings without sacrificing crisp letters on the finished image. Application areas include but are not limited to retail, warehousing, manufacturing, and medical. 
Rotocontrol returned to Labelexpo Americas with an in-line hybrid technology featuring the Rotocontrol DT-340 digital label finishing machine with an integrated Domino N610i label press.
Features of the modular hybrid technology include multiple die-cutting stations, rotary flexo and flatbed screen printing units, up to seven colors, including opaque white, with 600 DPI native print resolution, combining the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology. The N610i integration module incorporates Domino’s automated, i-Tech productivity features for enhanced flexibility and reliability.
Rosas Maschinenbau introduces four new products for the label converting market: the Infinity 4K line scan camera, its secondgeneration Gazelle high-speed bidirectional rewinder, the FP III flexo printing unit series, and the Deer I smart and compact web doctor machine.
The Infinity 4K line scan camera is designed for tabletop rewinders with web widths of up to 520mm. It features new AI-based print inspection technology that provides label checking capability like a human operator. Gazelle high-speed bidirectional rewinder for imprinting a variety of label types is also featured. The company collaborated on the development with Graph-Tech USA, which incorporated its EZ 202 DOD color inkjet head based on Epson S3200 technology. 
The Gazelle II DOD Color is also designed with a pre-installed interface for the fully automatic 100 percent inspection module, quick release of tension axles (for simple reel change installations and removals), and web tension on the curve (hard on the inside and soft on the outside).
The Infinity 4K camera will be demonstrated on rosas’ Cheetah 500 tabletop rewinder with backside serialization and a TIJ printer for numbering and coding. The second-generation Gazelle rewinder will be shown with the Graph-Tech USA EZ 202 DOD color inkjet head. Graph-Tech is rosas’ local agent in the USA for the Gazelle rewinders. 
Rotometal showcases MCA Magnetic Cylinders with an aluminum body. The company has created a magnetic cylinder that maintains high strength and hardness while significantly reducing weight by utilizing aerospace-grade aluminum. This is said to make them lighter, easier to handle and helps reduce transport costs and energy consumption while maintaining the quality and consistency of traditional magnetic print cylinders.
Rotometal MCA Magnetic Cylinders have already been used by renowned printing companies. 

S-One Labels & Packaging shares its latest innovations, including laminating technologies, coatings and varnishes, finishing equipment, slitters, and rewinders, Cast and Cure products for Ebeam holograms, ink control and dispensing equipment, overlaminate films, prelaminated metallized films, as well as clear and white.
The company is also showcasing its recyclable ReTreve EVOH high barrier flexpack films and Lomi-approved ReEarth compostable films.
Booth visitors have a chance to win a Lomi countertop composter.
Tom Hauenstein, vice president of sales at S-OneLP will be also a moderator and presenter at panel discussion: Opportunities beyond print and stick labels on Wednesday, September 14 at 1pm. 
Schoberttechnologies, a rotary tooling specialist, showcases RSM410MX-Digi-VariCut for producing metallic in-mold labels for markets such as paint, cosmetics, food and storage boxes. The hybrid drive technology combines continuous and intermittent rotary die-cutting technology in re-registration mode; thus, a wide range of print formats can be covered with a single tool or magnetic cylinder. This compact RSM version is designed for a maximum web width of 430mm and print format lengths up to 812mm (32in). The RSM-Digi-Varicut portfolio also includes machines, modular and upgradable, designed for a maximum web width of 770mm and format lengths of up to 1120mm.
The standard configuration includes a high-speed, programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (Spider), which combines acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min. The equipment is designed to stack different types of products combined within the same printing image. 
Visitors at the booth are also able to find out more about the company’s rotary cutting and creasing tools, highperformance punching modules, rotary die cutting-perforating modules, tools and modules for Braille embossing, heavy-duty rotary die-cutting modules, magnetic cylinders for web width up to 1500mm and format repeat 1220mm (48in).
Screen showcases the Truepress Jet L350UV SAI, the latest model from the L350UV series with a resolution of 600x600 DPI and speeds up to 60m/min. The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI series prints in CMYK plus white, blue and orange options. Automated head cleaning is activated by the press of a button. 
The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI is suitable for prime labels and industrial labels in just about any industry – even those that are highly regulated such as the food and beverage industry.
SEI Laser presents the Labelmaster laser cutting system designed for converting roll materials in the packaging and labeling industry. Labelmaster is compatible with a wide range of substrates such as paper, PET, BOPP and textiles. Web widths from 350 and 600mm are available. The Labelmaster features a QR/barcode reading system that allows changing jobs on the fly, and there are options for up to four laser units with power ranging from 150 to 500W. The proprietary control software, ICARO, makes Labelmaster an efficient option for a range of applications including die-cutting, slitting, sheeting and laser micro perforating. Available modular options include varnishing and laminating.
Sensory Analytics showcases its SpecMetrix in-line coating thickness measurement systems for the converting, flexibles, and label industry. SpecMetrix can identify coating defects or process issues and make coating adjustments for advanced coating process control.
Shark Wheel is showing its Shark Advantage ‘square’ wheel technology claimed to increase the efficiency of all web-based print and converting machines, including, flexography, offset, digital and screen printing. The company says benefits include reduced tension and better register maintenance, eliminating wrinkling and the ability to operate at any speed anti-stick, anti-dust and maintenance free.
Spinnaker Pressure Sensitive Products will debut as a Mactac company at Labelexpo Americas 2022 with unique specialty labeling products from Spinnaker and Lintec.
A standalone subsidiary of Mactac, owned by Lintec, Spinnaker is becoming a one-of-a-kind, world-class specialty labeling company. Its business model is centered on unique and customized opportunities in specialty labeling — from custom product offerings to a high-touch custom service model.
Spinnaker offers a comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive roll products designed to help customers’ products stand out and are used in many industries and markets, including pharmaceutical, industrial, cold, frozen food and beverage and more.
Labelexpo attendees will be able to learn more about the company’s specialty roll products and Lintec specialty products available from Spinnaker, including cryogenic labels designed for harsh environments and temperatures as low as -320°F, clear and red gloss Void labels and oil tolerant labels.
Stouse is presenting its new Silver BOPP Roll Labels. The captivating silver sheen creates a stunning high-end metallic finish for product packaging. Visitors to the company’s booth are able to pick up samples of the entire, comprehensive line of custom roll labels, folding cartons, and more.
Strata-Tac Advanced Coating Technologies is launching its coupon films for IRC Labels with improved designs for enhanced performance on press. The coupon films are available in a variety of stock widths, with custom widths available upon request. Strata-Tac is also showcasing new and existing inkjet and laser printable durable films, lay flat products, and security products.  
Sun Chemical is using the theme ‘Power of Labels’, to showcase its complete portfolio for the packaging and narrow web, tag and label markets to converters.
Using its ‘5Rs’ framework (Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign) as a guide, Sun Chemical invests significantly in R&D to improve the eco-efficiency and sustainability of the packaging that utilizes its inks, coatings and adhesives to support a circular economy.
Labelexpo Americas visitors are able to learn about the bio-renewable, compostable and recyclable products under Sun Chemical’s SunEco portfolio, including SolarFlex CRCL for shrink and non-shrink applications, SolarFlex High Adhesion Technology, SunCure mono-web coatings, SunVisto AquaGreen renewable ink series, MX12 ink dispensing technology and SolarWave UV-LED inks.
Complementing its product line-up, Sun Chemical also presents its range of SunInspire specialty inks and coatings for label applications, which add an extra dimension and look and feel to label applications. Sun Chemical’s booth visitors will also see SunColorBox offering a unique set of tools and services – from site assessments and full-color audits to matching and validating colors to hosting digital libraries of spot colors. Moreover, the company will demonstrate SunMotion, an alternative to backlit signage and LCD displays.
Attendees of the trade show can hear from Mohammad S. Farahat, Ph.D., director of R&D and Novel Device Technology at Sun Chemical, who will present a session on Wednesday, September 14, at 9:50 am on special effect inks and coatings during the Label Academy Masterclass: Digital Embellishment, a five-hour global training class held during the show.
Techkon USA is demonstrating the latest innovations of the SpectroVision in-line color measurement system and its newest handheld, all-in-one spectrodensitometer, SpectroDens 4. Visitors can see a demonstrable version of a SpectroVision system designed specifically for retrofitting Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Bobst, Omet, Domino, MPS and Gallus flexographic and digital presses for automated color measurement and control.
SpectroVision is a cost-efficient in-line system that improves the color measurement and barcode reading process to keep presses moving at high speeds and to help flexo printers reduce waste. Each system includes a color spectrophotometer, a 2D camera (for web viewing), a dedicated press-side PC/command console, and two seats of Techkon’s ChromaQA color management software suite.
TectuPrint, a Spanish engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in the narrow web graphic sector, showcases its Semi-Tec 350 hybrid modular semi and full rotary machine for conventional or digital finishing with flexo module and the option of inkjet printing.
tesa tape showcases three products: tesa Softprint 52016 and 52017 Steel Master, as well as tesa Twinlock. 
tesa Softprint 52016 and 52017 are double-coated foam tapes used to mount photopolymer plates in flexographic printing. Both are specifically designed for use with plates between 1.14 and 1.7mm in thickness. The structured PP-liner helps prevent air pockets when plate mounting, while the high bonding to the plate helps avoid edge lifting and plate movement. tesa Twinlock is a reusable, self-adhesive and compressible plate-mounting sleeve. After printing and plate removal, the tackiness can be reactivated so the sleeve can be used for the next print job.
Tharstern promotes Tharstern Cloud for labels, a new MIS technology built entirely from the ground up to help label converters digitize their business processes and automate their production workflow. It uses an ‘API First’ approach, featuring a fully accessible public API allowing any data within the MIS to be written and read by any external application at any level. 
Tharstern Cloud is built on cloud-native technologies. This means that, as well as the obvious benefits such as remote working, mobility, and always being up to date, it also offers world-class security, availability, and almost unlimited scalability.  
A virtual noticeboard allows the company to share news and promotes employee engagement initiatives, along with a virtual training academy.
Thwing-Albert Instrument Company, a manufacturer of testing machines showcases its testing equipment suitable for industries including adhesives, flexible packaging, labels, paper, plastics and non-wovens. Companies globally rely upon Thwing-Albert testing equipment to evaluate adhesion, COF, tensile strength, and many other critical properties that can impact quality in production. Its instruments are built to meet ISO, ASTM, TAPPI, and PSTC standards.
Tresu introduces a new variant of the third-generation coating circulator, Tresu H5i G3 for high-performance circulation with high flow, high viscosity, high speed, high temperatures and high pressure. It is designed to automate special coating applications, and with H5i G3 controlling the WB, UV, or eBeam coating application, operators can now save resources and exploit the full potential of the coating media for creative designs and strong branding - also with high viscosity and high flow.
Used in combination with a Tresu chamber doctor blade system, the Tresu H5i G3 provides full control of the enclosed circulation from the bucket to the chamber. The Control Pressure Technology system prevents contamination of air inside the chamber and eliminates micro foaming and undesired blistering of the print. 
Trinity Graphic promotes its Shrink Sleeve Distortion Services. As a shrink-sleeve label shrinks around a bottle or packaging, all the graphics and embellishments on the label become distorted in proportion to the bottle or packaging dimensions. To compensate, all the graphics must be pre-distorted during the pre-press stage to ensure that the final label appears as the designer intended. The latest technology developed by Trinity Graphic uses the latest software, scanners, distortion measurement techniques and the skillset to overcome these challenges. 
Tootech is launching Laser Label Printer, which images directly onto the middle layer of the label after passing through the label’s surface. The surface layer protects the barcode and character image so they cannot be erased by friction or chemicals. Tootech already supplies this printer to companies such as Samsung Electronics 
and LG Electronics.
Toray Plastics launches Torayfan, a new Toray Label Film (TLF) portfolio consisting of three roll-fed films: TLFC clear film in 48, 65, and 75 gauges, TLFM matte film in a 59 gauge, and TLFW white cavitated film in a 110 gauge. 
These label films offer ink adhesion and printability and moisture resistance. The clear film has superior clarity, and the white film’s opacity, brightness, and gloss are also of superior quality and may allow the converter to eliminate white ink. The TLF portfolio is compatible with flexo and gravure presses, energy-curable inks, and water-based, solvent, and solventless laminators. In addition, the new polypropylene film line allows the company to provide customers with larger rolls that offer more lineal footage. That means converters will have fewer roll changes and splices.
Toray team is also sharing information about new PSL label films that are in development. The diverse portfolio will include uncoated and coated BOPP facestocks for clear, metallized, and cavitated and solid core white label applications.
Tower Products releases its new SmartFlex UV Wash FX, a low odor product for cleaning UV flexographic inks from plates and machinery. When used as directed, the product will not swell photopolymer printing plates and can be applied by hand or used in an automatic plate cleaning unit. The product can be mixed with water or used full strength for all UV ink cleaning applications and is also an outstanding cleaner for UV Screen Printing inks.
Univacco is showcasing the latest developments in the field of hot-stamping foil, sheet-fed offset cold foil, holographic foil and narrow-web cold foil. On display are many examples of graphic applications such as prime labels, shrink sleeve films and in-mold labels enhanced with the company’s hot-stamping and cold foils.
Newly released during Labelexpo America 2022, is the Univacco 724 Series hot-stamping foil, specifically developed for hot stamping on a wide variety of wine label stocks providing excellent transfer at high-speed stamping on rotary and vertical presses with wide range of coverage from fine to broad.
UPM Raflatac features its latest innovation, the Ocean Action Label, made from ocean-bound plastic waste. UPM Raflatac also showcases its sustainable films, including UPM Raflatac Forest Film, PP PCR and PET PCR materials, and RAFNXT+, a product verified by the Carbon Trust and certified as CarbonNeutral, and Renewal Hemp material made with alternative fibers.
Additionally, the company will showcase UPM Raflatac OptiCut linerless materials, also certified as CarbonNeutral; its printondemand and digital labeling solutions for digital printing systems; and the MyRaflatac customer portal and demonstrations of the newest features 
of this service.
Uver launches its new Multi-Wave LED lamp technology, designed to cure all types of UV Inks. 

UVitec Printing Ink presents its UV/LED curable flexographic and rotary screen inks, coatings and adhesives uniquely formulated for shrink label applications, which are addressing common industry shortcomings. The range includes overprintable or controlled COF high opacity white inks, gloss clears, scuff resistant mattes, high build gloss and matte tactiles, soft touch and sandy textures, cold foil adhesives, glitters, pearlescence, and additional specialties. All products are Benzophenone and PFOA free, with formulations available for Reach, Nestle and CA Prop 65 Compliance. The company also presents a full line of UV/LED PSA’s and release coatings for ECL’s, IRC’s and other constructions.

Voyantic introduces Tagsurance 3, a quality testing system for RAIN RFID and NFC manufacturing. Tagsurance 3 is a complete system for measuring the performance of UHF and HF RFID inlays, tags, and labels in different stages of the production process, from chip attachment to label converting and incoming inspection. The system is designed to be easily installed into various machine types. The system is modular and scales to various production volume needs from one to eight lanes with one to five stations per lane, and handling lane speeds up to 200 m/min.
Wausau Coated Products showcases unique wine, beer, spirit and shelf marking products and promotes sustainable labeling options, including FSC-certified materials and products manufactured with up to 100 percent post-consumer waste and up to 90 percent recycled polyester (rPET) liner. 420 Vellum, Wood Veneers (oak, cherry and birch), Estate Label #14, recycled natural kraft from tree-free products, such as sugar cane paper and cotton – all products created through low-impact manufacturing and efforts to divert waste from landfills to alternative, cleaner energy uses. 
Wausau Coated Products also highlights a new manufacturing line, Coater #14, that produces material for billions of labels per month. Wausau claims there is no other machine like its new, unique product. 
Wilson Manufacturing Company expands its waste technologies portfolio with the presentation of the Pin Eject Die, providing quality slug removal without using an air source.   
Also featured is Wilson’s E Diffsystem, the high-tech adjustable anvil with a user-friendly touch interface allowing for precise adjustments with a single tap of the screen. The system is suitable for converters utilizing existing cutting tools for additional materials or making instantaneous adjustments on press when changes in materials occur. This year’s new feature is the enhanced Customer Portal. Visitors can see how quickly and easily it is to get immediate quotes and place new orders directly into production. The robust performance of the portal is demonstrated live with up-to-the-minute production status, fast and easy searches for prior orders or quotes, and instant tracking of shipped orders.
Xeikon at booth 5703 features Xeikon CX300 dry toner press, that allows converters to produce FDA-certified labels and packaging. Xeikon also shows its PX3300 UV-IJ hybrid press for durable labels that can be die cut, trimmed, and rewound inline to maximize productivity. The company will also be showcasing its new Titon technology, a toner formulation that's heat resistant and food safe, offering additional protection from sunlight, water, scratch, and scuffing. The Uniform X-800 workflow is also shown. Xeikon is also participating in the Digital Embellishment show feature and the conference program. 
XSYS has partnered with its North American distributor Anderson & Vreeland to highlight the latest innovations for flexoprint production. The nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System takes center stage on the booth, with the company demonstrating how plate makers can achieve better and more consistent quality, faster production and easier handling of flexo plates. With plates ready in less than one hour, the system can help reduce press downtime to meet brand owners’ demands for faster time to market.
XSYS manufactures all its plates, imagers and processors as well as sleeves and adapters in house, giving the company full control of the whole production process and the ability to deliver more coherent service and support. The company has one of the widest portfolios of products and brands, which includes nyloflex solvent and nyloflex Xpress thermal plates and equipment, nyloprint letterpress plates and equipment, nylosolv washout solvent, rotec sleeves and adapters, ThermoFlexX TfxX Imagers, ThermoFlexX Catena Plate Processing equipment, and Woodpecker surface screening products.
Zeller+Gmelin unveils its newest development in UV/LED prime label opaque white inks. The new ink formula was developed to provide advanced opacity, brighter hues, and smoother lay downs for dual-cure opaque white flood coat applications. With the new ink chemistry, converters can achieve the ultimate in opaque white laydowns in a single pass, saving money, time and the environment.