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Focus on labels: retail products and household durables

For all the various products in this category, a wide range of materials is used, and many have to perform in harsh environments

Most products in this category have low unit value and do not need complex anti-counterfeit measures. Among the exceptions are high-end luxury household goods, designer clothing, and shoes. For bathroom or kitchen products a damp-resistant label is essential. In this article we look at clothing labels. Smart technologies (RFID, NFC) are a common feature in identifying and tracking clothing of all kinds.


Reliable estimates show that non-food retail and household durables account for one in five of all self-adhesive labels. Statistics are less available for other types of label (notably wraparounds), but it is probable that the percentage is similar. Taking all label types together, the global market for this category of labels is of the order of 7B USD.

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