Label application troubleshooting tips and guidelines

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While millions of pressure-sensitive labels are satisfactorily applied to all kinds of products and shapes each year there are nevertheless occasions when things go wrong: they may not dispense properly from the liner, or start to dispense in the wrong place. There may be a web break, labels may not adhere properly to a surface or shape, the labels may wrinkle or form ridges, or a label might tear or bulge. Other problems might include the label peeling, curling or lifting at the edge; even falling off.

In general, when application problems do occur these may be related to one or more of the following:

  1. Label customer and label usage point of application issues, including label handling, reel change downtime and storage
  2. The nature and type of pressure-sensitive material (face, adhesive or liner) being used
  3. The label converting process, particularly die-cutting, missing labels, edge nicks, matrix waste not removed, incorrect rewinding tension, handling, storage and shipping
  4. Problems on the applicator