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An introduction to label markets and applications

Each end-user market is different. Understanding these differences is essential if we are to satisfy the customer and the brand owner, and work with them to meet present and future needs

Labels are used in many different ways. Each end-user market has its own problems, and its own labeling needs. This article looks at the ways in which labels are being used to increase efficiency in the factory and enhance the marketing of all kinds of goods.

According to a report by the market research firm Freedonia Group, the forecast growth for global label demand up to the year 2018 is 4.9 percent per year. This means the total value of the global label market will grow to 114 billion USD. For self-adhesives in Europe, Finat’s latest report shows that their converter members grew their business, on average, by more than 5 percent in 2016. US and Latin American growth remains strong, and Asian growth is also satisfactory despite the slowdown in China. Wet glue labels still dominate many markets, particularly in emerging countries. In volume terms, self-adhesives account for around one label in three, worldwide. Another growth sector is shrink labels: nearly 10 million sqm of shrink labels were printed in 2014 according to AWA, and annual growth is 5.5 percent.

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